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  • October 31, 2008

Be-A-Magpie.comSelf-defined as an ad network for Twitter. Magpie is there to ensure that you can convert your tweets into pretty green. This is implemented in the following manner: customers register at the site and then create and launch campaigns that consist of tweet ads which appear between their regular tweets. These tweet ads are called magpie-tweets in the site’s parlance.

In principle, magpie-tweets match the topics you are twittering about. Theoretically, this means that your followers will receive advertisements that cater for them. By default, magpie-tweets are twittered once every five tweets. This is up to you – if you think that the advertisement is getting on your followers’ nerves you should lower the frequency so that they won’t quit following you.

As far as the payment process is concerned, this is handled using the web commerce company PayPal. In fact, having a PayPal account is the only requisite for participating – you can be located just anywhere.

The site also includes a comprehensive FAQ file that details the fine points of this system and its implementation. You are advised to check it out if you like this approach to twittering.

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