More – Plaster Your Face On A Popular Magazine

  • December 1, 2009 is a new site that serves a popular function, that of letting you take a picture of you (or someone you know) and have some fun with it.

In this particular case, it will allow you to upload a photograph and put it on the cover of a magazine. There are about 60 to choose from already, and once the cover is ready it can easily be published by the user in his own social networking profile, website, blog and just any corner of the WWW.

The process is as easy as uploading the photo and choosing a cover from the many on offer. The resulting file can be downloaded to your computer, and there are a variety of sizes to have your pick from.

The site includes a section where you can see what others have already created, and you will also be able to vote on these designs that you like. The latest designs can also be visualized together, so if you want to see what others are up to in conceptual terms you will be able to do so effortlessly.

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