More – Turn Your iPad Into A Window

  • May 1, 2010

MagicWindowApp.comStuck in a boring office that has no windows? That is always pitiful, but when the weather is taking a turn for the better then it is nothing short of aggravating. I frankly don’t know who could place his employees in one such setting – after all, it is a proven fact that if an office has got windows people end up being more productive.

Well, this new iPad app is here to try and save the day. What it does is to take your brand-new tablet and turn it into a window showing whatever you want. There are already ten different themes available, and you can actually set down how time is going to pass. You can also slide your finger across the screen in order to do an impersonation of the time traveler husband from Audrey Niffenegge’s debut novel and move back and forth through time.

The themes are the kind that you can imagine – mountains, sunsets, a fireplace… they are all very nice, and while nothing comes close to the real thing, they are sure to refresh your mind when pitched against a nigh-impossible task.

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