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  • July 17, 2008

MaggiesRags.comDo you like knitting and you are looking for patterns and information? If so, this website might be an interesting place to check. MaggiesRags.

com is the official website of Margaret Radcliffe, a hand knit expert and designer of original patterns. Here you can find knitting patterns, access to knitting classes and workshops, and to professional pattern editing and publication services. Also, you can learn more about the author of the site and her books, including her last one “The Knitting Answer Book”. In addition to this, you can find reviews done by Margaret Radcliffe herself about different knitting books and DVDs. The author of the site has a great variety of patterns; if you wish to take a look at them, you can download her entire catalogue. This catalog includes knitting patterns for adults, kids, shawls, socks, mittens, bags and household items, plus a list of the retail stores, mail order, and Internet outlets where you can purchase them.

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