More – Turn Your Bookmarks Into A PDF

  • December 24, 2010

Magazinify.comIf you are looking for a faster and more convenient way to read what s featured on your favorite sites, then this is sure to do the trick. It will let you take all your bookmarks and have the content that is featured on these sites turned into a PDF. This PDF will be sent straight to your inbox, and you will be able to read it when you are offline.

A definitive plus of this service is the clever way in which it can organize the content that it retrieves. The fact that it eliminates all ads and pop-ups alone turns it into something excellent.

And another positive thing about this service is that is provided for free. If you want to test it, simply get the bookmarklet and sign in using your Facebook handle and password. From that point onwards, you will receive the latest news at the end of the day, for you to read when you have the time.

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