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  • February 16, 2010

Mag.maAggregators have become a constituent part of the Internet, and that did not happen overnight. The process itself was a gradual one, and the definitive catalyst was the consolidation of the social web.

And one of the oldest-running sites for the sharing of information that is still going on strong to the point that its main rivals are finally going off is YouTube. Still, YouTube is not the one and only portal that people upload their media clips to… yet. There are sites like Hulu and DailyMotion which still take up a certain share of the market, and if you look only at YouTube you are bound to miss on what is happening in the sidelines.

This video aggregator has the aim to address such a situation, as it brings together the top videos that are surfacing on the WWW right as they are coming along. The truth is that memes can (and will) arrive from the furthest corner of the world, and while you might think that uploading a video to YouTube is the most natural thing to do, to people in other places uploading it to a site like DailyMotion is the spontaneous course of action, in the same way that people in Brazil network through Orkut and not Facebook. That is where the value of a site like Magma really lies, and if you are keen on spotting these memes in their original contexts this aggregator is certain to be of use.

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