More – Personalized Music Magazine

  • September 14, 2011

Groovebug.comIf you think that Flipboard is pretty cool, then you’d be delighted to sample this new service. Groovebug is an iPad application that can assemble an interactive music magazine for you. Powered by The Echo Nest, YouTube, and an aggregation engine of its very own, Groovebug can go through your iTunes library in order to create a magazine which is 100 % tailored to your tastes.

The pages of this magazine can be flipped back and forth like the pages of any publication that has been created using Flipboard, and embedded videos can be played simply by tapping on them.

Appealing as this service is, it still has got quite a long way to go. It shouldn’t be that hard not just to gather together the content that you like, but also to suggest new artists and songs you could enjoy. I mean, the application has unhindered access to your iTunes music collection.

But I don’t want to end this post on a negative note. Grooveshark is one of the most promising music-related startups I’ve seen as of late, and I definitely encourage you to give it a try. You can download it for free here.

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More – Create Your Own Digital Publications

  • September 1, 2010

Joomag.comJoomag is a powerful platform that can be used to create and publish digital content of every type, including (but not limited to) magazines, e-books, catalogs, reports, brochures and photo albums.

Such a large range of supported publications means that Joomag can be used by just anybody.

You can use it to present parents with photos of your baby’s birthday in an elegant way, whereas print media owners can use it to bring their magazines to life. Just remember that a digital magazine provides uses with a more interactive experience in every sense – it can include media such as videos and sound clips, and have it played in an entirely organic way.

And the site also provides users with an amenable reading experience since a supple online viewer is included. This online viewer has full magnifying and panning features along with a flipping effect that looks really good. Of course, search capabilities are also provided.

If the above sounded like something you could benefit from, I advice you to pay the Joomag website a visit and take a good look at the featured magazines. They are arranged by category, and you will be able to find a relevant one within seconds.

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More – Create A Digital Magazine

  • August 7, 2010

aXmag.comAre you looking for a solution to covert PDF files into Flash files? Would you like to create a digital magazine? offers software for PDF to Flash conversion you can use for your online publication. On this site you will be informed about this PDF converter specialized in 3D interactive online publications.

In case you need to convert PDF files into Flash, you can stop by and find out more information about this software. The site also lets you download a free trial of aXmag, so you can test the program before buying it. This PDF to Flash converter is used for those who work on digital magazine publications.

To sum up, if you are interested in converting PDF files into Flash files, feel free to pay a visit. Apart from all the software details, on this site you can also buy this PDF converter online you can use to create interactive online magazines.

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More – The World Through Your Lens

  • December 9, 2009

PictoryMag.comIf you think you have a fine eye for photography this site will be as interesting as Flickr or even more. You see, Pictory is a newly-released online magazine that invites people to submit a still adhering to an overall theme or motif.

The ones that are accepted are eventually featured for all netizens to see.

One of the key aspects of this service was just delineated above: you submit one picture only. If you have 10 that you think are excellent you will have to slim the choice down to simply one. In the long run, I think this will work to the magazine’s advantage since the quality will be higher, whereas photographers who are just getting started will have a chance to develop their critical abilities and lose the excessive attachment that accompanies young artists during their formative years.

I advice you to pay the site a visit in order to see exactly how it all works out in practice. Also, if you are indeed a new photographer and you are not sure whether you have what it takes for being featured on the magazine just a quick visit will let you figure that out.

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More – Tech News And Reviews Online

  • May 6, 2008

Apcmag.comA visit to the APC Mag website is the order of the day for tech buffs and gear aficionados. The site includes news and reviews that will be of interest to even people who have only a passing interest in technology and gadgets.

The site includes a “Most Viewed Products” list that highlights the items that have attracted the most attention, whereas the most discussed stories are also prominently featured along with the top stories of each particular month. There is also a “How To” section, which provides technical assistance and tips on a wide range of topics, from how to create bootable CDs to how to improve the overall performance of specific programs and applications. Moreover, the site features a forum where registered members can convene and share opinions, thoughts and ideas. Polls on issues of interest are conducted as well, and the results are displayed on the main page.

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More – Subscribe To Magazines You Like

  • April 7, 2008

NetMagazines.comTv Turn Off Week is less than a month away: this year it will be taking place April 21st to 27th, so make sure you start deciding what to do, whether planning nights out, going to concerts of having a picnic in the park, it’s time to start giving it some thought. If you’ve already decided that you want to catch up with your reading on the time the TV will be off, consider taking a look at NetMagazines.

com, which sells magazine subscriptions for some of the top opinion, lifestyle, information, sports and fashion publications at discounted prices; they carry well over 100 titles, so there is definitely something which will suit your taste. The site can searched by topic or area of interest, and by price as well, and you can subscribe to as many titles as you want to, and keep them coming on a regular basis so that you stop falling out of interesting conversations on dinner parties. For those of you living outside the US and who will also keep the TV off in late April, rejoice in the fact that ships subscriptions worldwide, so you can also keep up with the topics you like the best. The site is designed so that one can use it to discover titles you probably never heard of, as you can buy packages of subscriptions for four or five magazines, and receive stuff that is related to the topics you enjoy, but for some reason don’t make it to the newsstands.

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More – Buy Magazine Subscriptions

  • March 25, 2008

MagazinePlace.comIf your office or practice’s waiting room still has magazines whose cover depicts Nicole Kidman explaining how madly in love she is over Tom Cruise, well, it’s time you do some recycling and pay a visit to this site, which sells magazine subscriptions for some of the top lifestyle, information, sports and fashion publications at discounted prices (somewhat around 20 to 80% off); they carry well over 100 titles, so there is definitely something to which will suit the taste for the people waiting for you. You can search the site by topic or area of interest, or by price, and subscribe to as many as you want to, and keep them coming on a regular basis so that you stop making new year’s resolutions on buying new magazines.

When you are looking into getting any title, you will get information of the frequency in which the magazine is edited, the topics it deals with, plus a selection of similar titles, so you can explore journals you might not be familiarized with. Once you’ve purchased one or several subscriptions, you can log on to the site to manage your account, view how many issues remain for your paid subscription, or change address. Magazine, subscription, lifestyle, mag, gossip, glossy, fashion, gourmet, travel, science

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