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Ameirican Made Products

The Support America Foundation is dedicated to changing the way that Americans spend, American money. Our economy is currently experiencing a recession and is rapidly heading towards a depression unlike any that we’ve seen before. There is no better time than now to get Americans in gear. With our increasing dependancy on foreign products and oil driving up the prices of our bare necessities, we need to do something about this...

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Paw Luxury “eco-living for the everyday dog”

Paw Luxury specializes in selling earth friendly dog products. We offer quality products that are stylish, durable, functional, all natural, organic, holistic, sustainable, biodegradable, fair trade, and Made in the USA. Our motto is “healthy dog, healthy earth, and happier life”. At eco-friendly dogs and their owners can conveniently shop securely for the best in eco-friendly, organic & all natural...

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