made by Pacific Northwest Artist Nancy

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  • May 7, 2008

NancyDonline.comThis site offers nickel free earrings for the 20% of population who can’t wear fun and fashionable department store earrings. This is a jewelry artist in the Pacific Northwest that hand craft quality fashion earrings for those with nickel allergy/sensitivity to costume earrings.

Besides nickel free ear wires, she uses quality components, including copper, sterling and tribal silver, gemstones, vintage and glass pieces, Swarovski crystals, shell and pearls. Nobody else is making the kinds of earrings she is. All of her happy customers say they haven’t been able to find any fun and fashionable earrings out there on the internet or in stores. They buy a pair of mine, and then come back for more. This is still a niche product, she has satisfied customers throughout the U.S. and her pieces sell at retail locations and online.

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