More – Information About Macintosh

  • June 17, 2008

Electronista.comThis website works like an online news network, where you will be able to read about Macintosh and iPod latest news and releases. At this website you will be able to participate in discussions, forums, and blogs.

They also give you the possibility of reading reviews about the new products that these two companies release to the market. What’s great about this site is that they give you the possibility of commenting at every single post or review. This makes the web page much more interactive and real, since real customers can also discuss the products. In order to use all the features that this site offers, you need to register. If you are looking for a specific piece of news, or for a particular review, you can use the search engine that the site provides. If you are into technology, visit and read the opinion of experts about the latest product releases and updates.

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NetFAQs.Com – Frequently Asked Questions

  • May 29, 2008

NetFAQs.ComNetFAQs.Com covers many of the most common Internet programs in use.

You can learn more about its service by choosing your operating system by clicking on one of the links provided at the homepage. These links are Frequently Asked Questions, Key Settings, Common Errors and Solutions, PC Windows Set Up, Apple Macintosh Set Up, Linux Set Up, and NetFAQs ISP Recommendations. Once you select the option that suit your needs you will have to choose a topic by clicking one of links provided. For example if you choose windows operating system, some of the links are Internet connections including E-Mail and Newsgroups, Instant Messengers and Chat Clients, Dial-Up Connections, DSL Connections, Adult Website Filtering, Miscellaneous, Checking the version of windows, and much more. If your choice is Macintosh Operating System some of the links are Internet Connection, Browsers for Surfing, E-Mail and Newsgroups, Checking the Version of Macintosh, and much more. NetFAQs.Com

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More – Online Macintosh Reviews

  • May 26, 2008

MacReviewZone.comMac Review Zone offers both software and hardware reviews of Mac products written by the major Macintosh related magazines including MacAddict, MacHome, Mac Gamer’s Ledge, MacUSer UK, and Macworld. As well as featuring articles from these publications, the site also publishes a weekly Buyer’s Guide.

Readers will also find in-house reviews, monthly contests, regular features, and the ability to ad reviews themselves. The site is consumers with invaluable information on purchasing computers and related software and hardware. After reading the broad amount of material offered on the site, consumers will be more apt to making smart decisions when buying Mac products. On the site readers will find opinions and articles, reviews, buyer’s guides, information hubs where they can look up information such us specifications, performance, discussion forums, and more. Mac enthusiasts will find all the necessary information on Mac products like the iPod, Mac mini, MacBook Pro, iMac, and iPhone. The site also features links to online stores that feature Macintish products and that offers specials and discounts.

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More – Software Solutions For Your Palm

  • May 21, 2008

Stevenscreek.comIf, like many people out there, you own a Palm and you treat it like your biggest treasure, Stevens Creek Software may be a great website for you. It is a leading provider of software solutions for everything regarding the Palm computing platform. offers you everything from business software (these include the greatly acclaimed PalmPrint and the Handy Label, just to name a few,) personal software, athletic software (such as the athlete’s diary, a race timing device, and more,) and many more options. They pretty much have every type of software to make your Palm an inseparable buddy. You also have desktop products, for Windows as well as for Mac. allows you to download trial versions of all these software solutions, and, if you are happy about them (which I am sure you will be,) you will just need to enter the site again and purchase the full product.

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More – PC and Mac Peripheral Retailers

  • May 20, 2008

TomatoChip.comAre you looking for the best deals on your PC and Macintosh peripherals? Look no further than

What is is the official website of the Tomato Chip Company. Tomato Chip has been the main computer peripheral, electronics and accessories retailer for PC and Macintosh users since 1999. is a super site that hosts a super store, a Macintosh store, a KVM Switch store, and a clearance store. The products offers are hand selected by their trusted buyers, meaning that you will only receive the best deal on the best products, according to millions of customers. Tomato Chip only started as a physical store, but now has been re-launched since 2003 as an online superstore. At, you won’t find the same old complicated rebates and gimmick pricing that other stores offer their customers, the only thing you’ll find is everyday low prices. If you’re looking for the best priced and best made products and accessories for your computer, just head to and experience the difference.

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More – Static Users

  • April 21, 2008 is a site which offers many services to the community.

Operating within a Nevada foundation named the corporation of with great jeopardy and rivalry. With many sectors, such as the FMA, standing for the Freaks Macintosh Archives, which offers all Mac users to converse about the underground, being the FMA the worldwide largest hacking and security documentation. A piece, where the domination of music, information and among others hacking, are within the Miss Turtle’s Shell sector. Presenting the more distinctively, this site offers security in great scale the Macintosh Security Program protecting it from bugs, hacks and more. Introducing as well, many different centers for discussion on different subjects, such as cell phone ring tones, logos, software, brands, hacks, etc. Other debates for drummers, for them to discuss about drum beats and kits, being this the largest community for drummers. As for coffee drinkers, it also has a forum, teaching about all kinds of coffee, its beans and the espresso.

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  • September 21, 2007

Find the software you’re looking for at, the most comprehensive source for free-to-try software downloads on the Web.

Includes audio programs, utilities, Internet and desktop software, applications for developers, downloads for small business users, and more.

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More – Macintosh News Network

  • July 23, 2007

Macnn.comInterested on anything involving Apple and Macintosh? Want to know everything there is to know about iPods and iPhones? Then this is just the site for you. Macnn offers news on all of these products relating to business, releases and reviews.

The site has many features for the users, such as news, podcasts, reviews, blog, forums and rss, and more. If the article or news you are looking for isn’t on this site, you may wait a few days (the site is updated daily) or visit any of their associated sites, for which Macnn offers links to. If you can’t find what you like by browsing through the site’s features and categories, they provide the user with an internal search engine, assuring that they will quickly find the article of their interest. All the information available in this site is completely for free, but if you wish to enhance your experience by posting comments or participating in the forums, there’s a registration required, but don’t worry, it’s a quick, easy and totally free process.

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