More Get Money For Your Broken iPod

  • October 1, 2007

A site that formerly let you sell broken iPods, has now become – a place where you can sell just all kind of electronics. And get a fair payment for them, it must be added. Currently, this site lets you sell six different of items, and they’re listed on the homepage for you to pick the one that applies. These are game consoles, MP3 players, camera lenses, tablets, Apple displays and Apple software.

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More – Shop for Apple Products

  • September 24, 2007

Apple.comEver dream of buying an iPod or MacBook, not in any electronics store but in its original store? You can now make your dreams come true at

This is the official Apple store on the web. They sell every single Mac, iPod and iPhone products ever created. If you want a computer, you will be offered stylish MacBooks for as low as 1099 dollars, iPods costing from 79 to 399 dollars, desktop computers (iMac) carrying great design as well as being very performing and stylish gadgets and accessories to accompany the music players or laptops. You will also be able to find products carrying the latest technology like the famous iPhone or Apple TV for as low as 299 dollars. Finally, you will also be able to acquire software for your computer or even iTunes, the best paid-for music download program on the web.

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