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More – Read Feeds On Your Mac

  • August 28, 2009

GrumlApp.comThis application is self-defined as “Google Reader for Mac OS”. You couldn’t dream up a more concise definition if you wanted to, actually.

Once you have downloaded and installed it you can use it pretty much as you use any feed reader. That, is you can read your feeds as they are updated in real time, as well as creating and renaming folders at will. And the Google Reader bit comes in because it is all synced with Google Reader by default. Any change that occurs while you are using Gruml is reflected on Google Reader, whereas anything that you modify when using Google Reader is translated into Gruml.

Other functionalities include the ability to tweet articles and also shorten links from the main dashboard, whereas Snow Leopard support has already been thought of and taken into consideration.

The current beta version is 0.9.4. It is available at no cost on the site, and the minimum operating system you will need to run it is Mac OS 10.5. If you comply with that requirement you can get started right away.

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More – The PDF Lab

  • April 20, 2008 you looking to bring your PDF files to the next level? The PDF Lab can cook something up for you. The program, for Mac OS or Java, introduces new features to the suite of PDF capabilities.

The PDF Lab allows users to split and join PDF documents, insert blank pages, and include images in a new document. Beyond that, it is simple to use- files are displayed in a list and can be re-arranged and easily deleted, added, or sorted. The PDF Lab is guaranteed to be 100% clean (free of spyware, adware, and viruses) by Softpedia, and is free to use. The creator of the PDF lab, Fabien Conus,
is a PhD student and engineer physicist.

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