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  • February 16, 2010

LyricsTraining.comThe Lyrics Training website is based on a premise that I think has potential. You see, through this site anybody can watch his favourite music videos and do some exercises with their lyrics.

These exercises mostly involve filling in the blanks that are provided, and three skill levels are featured for everybody to feel comfortable enough.

The range of artists on offer is good, although I think there is an over-reliance on the latest chart sensations and teen-oriented acts of the day, but I guess I better shut up since I am beginning to sound like a slow-moving dinosaur. What matters is that young people (the ones who might be more partial to learn through music) will have their tastes duly covered here.

When all is said and done, the role a site like Lyrics Training can play should not be underestimated. We learn the most when we are relaxed, and we are enjoying these things that we truly hold dear. Knowledge that is encountered in such a context is invariable apprehended. This site is no substitute for an English class, but as far as extracurricular activities go this tops my list of recommended resources for learners.

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