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  • June 29, 2008 you been playing on and on that song in your head, without knowing what it says? It’s only a click away! In

nz you can find the widest selection of your favorite artists and songs for you to finally learn exactly what your idols sing about. Stunningly decorated and with a beautiful mixture of colors, you can access the music news and consequently take a peep into the world of music celebrities and have a heads up about that album you have been so anxiously waiting for. You can also share with the world that exceptional song that few people know by submitting the lyric of it for everybody to see it. If you want to find people worldwide who share your interest in music do not doubt in joining the lyrics club; an incredible opportunity to find minds alike and make ever lasting friends. Finally, don’t miss the “world top 100”; in this way you can learn about what songs are amongst the most popular ones, who knows? You may find one that you grow to love. You may find one that is yours and your boyfriend’s own special song. For a deeper insight into the music world, enter

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