More Founder Omar Ray On Being The Number One Lyrics And Music Videos Destination

  • July 19, 2012

When I was younger I was obsessed with looking up the lyrics to my favorite song, but I certainly don’t remember the lyrics sites being as comprehensive as Naplyrics. With featured lyrics and music videos as well as articles about music, the site is a one-stop music destination.

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More – Find Those Lyrics at All The Lyrics

  • July 9, 2012 is the home page of the best source for finding the lyrics to your favorite songs! AllTheLyrics was started online in 2002. The website contains lyrics to songs and soundtracks of all languages. Some of the languages of the site are Spanish, German, French, and Italian. This helps any music fiend who happens to be from a different country.

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More – Lyrics For Your Facebook Status

  • October 29, 2011

LyricStatus.comUsing song lyrics to tell all your friends on Facebook how you’re feeling is great, until you make a typo or misquote them completely. When that happens, even people who wouldn’t even give your status a second glance on an average day will begin commenting on that, and making fun of your mistake. So, if you were using a song lyric to say you secretly loved someone, nobody will take notice. All the comments will revolve around you having goofed the lyrics up.

And this is the first site I know that lets you prevent that from happening. lets you search song lyrics both by song and by artist, and once you’ve got them you can post them to Facebook directly. So, no risk you’ll cut and paste them wrong. A simple click will let you have your Facebook status updated on the spot.

And the site comes with a list of all the most often-quoted lyrics. If these are the most popular one, then that must be for a reason – they’re probably the ones that speak to people more directly. And being able to see the lyrics that people quote the most is also useful in case you want to be original, and quote what nobody else is quoting. You’ll get to know what to avoid at a glance.

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More – Full Information About Bands

  • July 10, 2011

LYRICSnMUSIC.comA new search engine, LYRICSnMUSIC has been built for those who want to get to know everything about these bands they have begun developing a true liking for, and also for those who have always supported any specific artist. LYRICSnMUSIC is bound to cater for both kinds of users, as it will let them get everything from lyrics and biographies to images and videos by executing a single search. That is possible because services such as YouTube and Wikipedia are fully supported, and results can be culled from them and presented in a neat fashion. The site favors a really simple structure, with the following tabs being always visible: Lyrics, Touring, YouTube, Images, Google and Wikipedia.

Needless to say, that is a winning combination in most cases. There are few bands that would fail to have some kind of presence on at least one of these sites, and that applies even to some of the most obscure indie/underground artists you could think of. After all, is there a band that has never uploaded a video of a gig to YouTube, or who has a fan that has not done such a thing himself?

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More – Find Song Lyrics Online

  • November 25, 2010

BatLyrics.comBatLyrics is a site you should keep in mind if you are the kind who values the actual words of songs. Sadly, that is something not everybody does. Many are just happy to know the lyrics to the choruses of their favorite tunes, and hum these when the time comes. But for the ones who understand the importance of a well-crafted lyric, and who want to get the words to these composition they love right, it hardly gets any better than BatLyrics.

The site will let them search for lyrics based on the name of the song, the album that it is featured, and (of course) who sings it. Likewise, BatLyrics lets users find lyrics by supplying just some isolated words that they remember from the whole song, and take these as the starting point.

And the newest lyrics that have been added to the database are highlighted on the homepage, along with the newest music videos that have been recorded. These are all viewable at a click. And there is also a ranking bringing together the top 10 lyrics of the current week and the past month.

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More – Find Relevant Lyrics

  • September 5, 2010

DoubleLyrics.comDouble Lyrics is a search engine for lyrics that is focused on providing people with highly relevant results above everything else. You see, whenever you carry out a search you are being presented with lyrics ordered according to how likely they are to match exactly what you looked up.

The ones that probably have more to do with what you have inputted are placed at the top, and those which are probably unrelated are relegated to the bottom of the list.

Something that certainly deserves praise is how easy it is to add a lyric to the database. You don’t have to sign up, or authenticate who you are using Facebook Connect or anything like that. You are allowed to upload anything directly, and have it become indexed and findable by others right away.

And people who use the site are also given the choice to review the lyrics that are featured. Fans love doing that, of course. And the rest of us get to know more about the songs themselves, so there is no reason to complain at all.

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More – A Tool For Sharing Your Favorite Lyrics

  • July 6, 2010

Lystener.comI don’t know what emphasis you place on lyrics, but if we were to be entirely objective then we would have to agree that they are at least as important as the music that goes with them. When we absolutely fall in love with a song the lyrics are never a negligible part of it for us.

Well, this site will give us a good chance to revise the lyrics to those songs we have always loved, and also to share them with our friends quite effortlessly.

Named Lystener, it is a resource that works using your handle in order to provide you with the words to any song that you are listening to. That is, on the site you provide your username and the lyrics to the song that you are listening to concurrently are displayed for you to read them.

And you can also proceed to share these lyrics with your contacts on the Social Web. That is a very simple and direct way to let others know exactly why you have fallen in love with this or that song – any song that you grow to adore is actually a true mirror of a certain part of you. Being capable of sharing its lyrics so instantly will let you show new acquaintances these parts of you in a way that is both entertaining and memorable.

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More – Find The Lyrics To Any Song

  • June 17, 2010

Lyrics.netMany people tend to overlook the importance that lyrics actually have in music, and I think that is the consequence of the limited number of individuals who can actually come up with something worthwhile any longer. Just take a look at the talent we had during the ‘60s and ‘70s: Simon & Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell, Pete Townshend… if I were to enumerate everybody it would take up three full reviews.

There is nothing comparable to that nowadays, and I believe that is the reason lyrics end up playing a secondary role when they should matter as much as the music.

If you have never thought about it, then this site is certainly one you should take a look at. It gathers together thousands of legally licensed song lyrics – both artists new and old are featured, and the site is very easy and comfortable to navigate since there are no annoying pop ups of any kind.

This makes finding the words that go with any song an entirely pleasant experience. And bio information and rankings are provided as well, ensuring that you will get to know the men (and women) behind the artists for sure.

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More – Find The Name Of That Song

  • May 22, 2010

Lyreach.comThere is nothing more aggravating for music lovers than falling in love with a song they hear as they are passing by, and then being unable to learn its actual title. That translates into being unable to get a copy of the album that has it or download it from iTunes.

Granted, most times the true identity of a song can be figured out by conducting a Google search in which you input the lyrics you do remember. That works in 9 out of ten cases. For the case that is left unattended we can turn to a service like Lyreach.

In principle, it is a specialized search engine that will empower you to type the words that you manage to remember and then produce a series of matching results that combine all of these, in different configurations.

I know that most people can live without such a service, but I am bookmarking the site right now. The time (and effort) that can be saved through it is anything but negligible.

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More – Turning YouTube Into A Karaoke

  • March 6, 2010

Tubeoke.comDo you need something to get your party going and you just don’t know where to look? I am not sure if this site is going to offer a foolproof solution, but it will certainly keep your guests entertained for some time. And if your guests are similar to me, it will keep them going for even longer than that.

In essence, this site encompasses a search tool that will let you look up any music video file that is hosted on YouTube. You can search for specific songs, and you can also carry out a generic search by band if you know your guests are keen on this or that band and you want to give them a somehow wider set of options to choose from.

Upon clinking on the file that they agree upon, the video will start playing while a window on the right will display the full lyrics to the song. While your friends sing along, you will have time to think of a new distraction. Or maybe they will get carried away and that will be the end of your worries.

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More – Learn Languages Through Music

  • February 16, 2010

LyricsTraining.comThe Lyrics Training website is based on a premise that I think has potential. You see, through this site anybody can watch his favourite music videos and do some exercises with their lyrics.

These exercises mostly involve filling in the blanks that are provided, and three skill levels are featured for everybody to feel comfortable enough.

The range of artists on offer is good, although I think there is an over-reliance on the latest chart sensations and teen-oriented acts of the day, but I guess I better shut up since I am beginning to sound like a slow-moving dinosaur. What matters is that young people (the ones who might be more partial to learn through music) will have their tastes duly covered here.

When all is said and done, the role a site like Lyrics Training can play should not be underestimated. We learn the most when we are relaxed, and we are enjoying these things that we truly hold dear. Knowledge that is encountered in such a context is invariable apprehended. This site is no substitute for an English class, but as far as extracurricular activities go this tops my list of recommended resources for learners.

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More – For Music Fans The World Over

  • December 23, 2009

Ejdera.comIn days gone by, the dream of every music-discerning person was to broadcast his own radio shows and act as an omnipotent host who shares/imparts his musical knowledge to the world at large. Now, dreams such as that one are within reach.

If you don’t believe it, simply give the ejdena website a try and you will see what I mean. Basically, it will allow you to listen to radio channels ranging far and wide, as well as creating your own playlists that can be shared with everybody. You are not exactly “hosting” your own show, but it will all be close to ideal for many a hardened music lover out there.

Besides, the site will give you the chance to share not only music but also videos. And if you are into an analytic mood, you will be able to procure the lyrics to any of the featured tunes and scrutinize them.

Services like this one are tailor-made for the social age, of course. This one has a good range of basic features, and they all work quite well. It doesn’t have a feature that would single it out, though. And I wonder what is in store, and if we are going to see such an addition anytime soon.

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More – A Search Engine Devoted To Music

  • December 22, 2009

Museeca.comIs there still room or need for a specialized search engine such as Museeca? It seems it is, as nobody would release a site that has no niche whatsoever. As you can see from the title of the review, it is aimed at those who are keen on music.

It will let you search the WWW high and low by applying a series of refinement labels. These include “MP3 Music”, “Ringtones”, “Lyrics”, “Guitar tabs” and “Music Videos”.

The site is good for what it is, but the one consideration that springs to mind is how much time could it really let you save. From what I tested, the one advantage is that you dispense with having to provide a minute query since the provided tags enable you to focus your attention right away. It is not that you are saving hours on end each time, it is more like you are avoiding some (minor) headaches. I really don’t know if that will be enough as to make people actively go for the site. I am a (big) music fan myself and I was not that enticed. It seems to me that this is one of these definitive cases in which the phrase “to each his own” holds more poignancy than ever.

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More – Discovering New Music And Sharing It

  • November 24, 2009

ShareDJ.comShareDJ is a new way to discover and listen to music. The basis of the whole system is that it is a social one.

We can compare it with a big database of lyrics organized by artist and by album which can be freely searched. You can look for any artist that you are interested in by criteria such as his/her name, the title of the song, and the actual album.

Once you have found what you were looking for, you will be given the chance to read the full lyrics to that song and watch any YouTube clip that might exist. You can then favorite the song and then recommend it to those that you follow and who follow you on the site.

As it was only to expect from a site that is named ShareDJ, playlists can be created easily and shared with everybody. In this way, you can share not only individual tracks but also other tracks by the same artist that you feel are inspiring, and tracks by related artists that you feel go hand in hand.

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Sing Your Favorite Songs –

  • October 2, 2009

Sing Your Favorite SongsLove Song Lyrics is a good place for you to take a look at in order to find a wide range of lyrics. No matter the musical style you need to know about, this is a good way for you to search for the lyric you need.

Do you like R&B, rock and roll, blues, Rap, or any other style? If so, this will be a good opportunity for you to be able to sing them whenever you want just by getting their lyrics.

One of the best things about this blog is the fact that it is constantly updated with new long song lyrics you will certainly enjoy. Sing Your Favorite Songs

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More – Discover Music Through Lyrics

  • March 10, 2009

LyricSift.comI have been writing lyrics for the past eight years. I do not think that has necessarily made me a good or a bad lyricist, but what I think is that it gave me a certain understanding of structural aspects and formal considerations that is certainly valuable.

The same could be said about any person who has studied an instrument (said, guitar) for eight years – the person won’t necessarily be a virtuoso when it comes to playing it, but he is bound to have a comprehension that should neither be disdained nor belittled.

This site gave me a very satisfying time. Basically, it will let you find songs that you might like by providing snippets of lyrics for you to weigh up, along with links to stores like Amazon.

These snippets are also very encompassing, as artists ranging from the Rolling Stones to Incubus were featured when I checked out the site. The former were represented by a selection from Paint It Black (“No more will my green sea go turn a deeper blue / I could not foresee this thing happening to you”), whereas the one selection from the latter I came across was “Love hurts / But sometimes it’s a good hurt / And it feels like I’m alive / Love sings / When it transcends the bad things” (from the song “Love Hurts” – not to be mistaken for the song of the same name by Gram Parsons).

As you can see, a lot of ground is covered, and I have to say that it is all worthwhile ground. Interesting site – check it out and see what you think.

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More – Song Lyrics

  • January 19, 2009

Woplyrics.comAt you will be able to find the lyrics of you favourite artists’ songs.

This site was created with the idea of making it easier for users, when they want to search for a song or an artist they want to check about.

There is a menu where users can search by letter, and after they click on any of them, they see all the names of the songs and lyrics available, ordered by artist. Here, you will find actually thousands of songs lyrics waiting to be downloaded.

The site also has a section where to find a list where you can get to see the top songs lyrics. Additionally, you can get access to the top music videos as well as any other music video you want.

For those companies that want to appear on this page, there is a message box, where to write their contact details and the site’s staff will answer in 24 hours. Furthermore, if you want to put a link to on your website, you have an option to click on and start the process.

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More – Everything About Lil Wayne

  • January 12, 2009 is the number one source for fans in order to get access to Lil Weezy information.

This artist has been considered as one of the most influential rappers of the Generation Y group. After he started his career about 11 years ago, Lil Weezy has sold more copies than any other rapper before. At this site fans will be able to find everything about what is going on with Lil Wayne´s latest’s news. Additionally, users will be able to download all the music they want, as well as getting pictures or videos, and also being able to sing their favorite songs by downloading Lil Weezy’s Lyrics.

The website is always updated on a regular basis so the fans can get access to everything they could be looking forward to find. is an online community where Lil Wayne Fans can come to listen & download all of the latest music & discuss their favorite rappers & music. This site is going to become the best source for everything about Lil Wayne and users will be able to share their thoughts about the artists’ songs, and the topics they rap about.

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More – Best Mp3 Download Site

  • January 9, 2009 is a totally free of charge website that supplies every single thing you would like to find in order for downloading mp3 music archives in a very simple way.

One thing take makes the difference if you compare this site with other mp3 sites, is the fact that here you will not find any kind of annoying ads that interferers with what you are doing. Additionally, this is a very easy to use site and everybody can enjoy from the mp3 downloaded music right away.

According to its many users this site could be considered as a must for all mp3 fans being a better alternative to p2ps, torrents, etc.

Other main things that make this site so interesting are: the fact that you also have the option of listening music without the need of downloading it and that membership, registration or sing in are not required in order to enjoy the advantages of the site. Additionally you will find the songs lyrics support and you will be able to customize your play lists you wish.

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More – Find Lyrics to any Soundtrack

  • November 13, 2008

LyricsTracker.comA big part of what makes a movie good is the soundtrack. The songs in a movie bring out the emotion in us, whether they magnify a feeling of joy or sadness.

Everyone has a favorite flick and a lot of the time part of the appeal is the soundtrack. If you’ve ever wanted to know the lyrics to your favorite song from a movie soundtrack all you have to do now is visit

All your favorite movies and songs in are now compiled in a database called to make your life easier. From cinema classics to the newest blockbusters, this website has it all. This site provides you with lyrics for over more than a 500,000 movies, as well as TV shows, and even groups and singers.

Just type in the name of a movie, artist, or song you like in the search engine, and it will instantly provide you with lyrics of all the songs heard during the movie. Sometimes you’ll even find video clips so you can actually hear the song and watch the lyrics.

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