More – The Salmon’s Family Site

  • June 17, 2008

Thesalmons.orgDo you know why this site is named “the salmons”? Did you think it was because they loved jumping fishes that swim against the river flow? Guess what? You are wrong. It is because this happily married couple’s last name is Salmon.

By means of this site, the Salmons want to share their life experience with whoever wants to check it out. They have travelled a lot, which apparently was Lynn Salmon dream, and want to show the pictures, places, and everything else about their trips. You will also find information about different kind of salmon fishes; it is a funny page where you will also learn some salmon stuff. Do you want to see their dogs? Atlantic Salmon and Coho Salmon are their pets. It is curious how they named their dogs like two different kind of salmons. Do you want to read more about this family formed by two humans and two dogs? Visit the family site at

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More – Loretta Lynn Online

  • May 2, 2008

Lorettalynn.comFor fans of the popular country music singer Loretta Lynn, is a great online resource.

The site has the legendary singer’s complete bio. The biography proves an interesting read for anyone looking into learning more about Loretta Lynn’s life and times. The music section lets you listen to snippets from the legendary artist’s prolonged music career. If you like what you hear, you can purchase the albums straight from the site. News on everything having to do with Loretta Lynn are constantly updated, so if you are a fan that doesn’t want to miss anything Loretta is up to, you should visit the site regularly. Information on the tour will allow you to see when Loretta will be signing in a town near yours. The store has interesting Loretta Lynn memorabilia that is sure to make any Loretta Lynn fan happy. Visit to find the latest information on Loretta Lynn.

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