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  • February 4, 2008 is the official Luvs baby diapers and products web site where you can find all kinds of information regarding their products and company.

You can also shop online for most of their products as well sign up to their newsletter for special offers, promotions and news of their products. At the top main menu you can find the following categories, diapers, wipes, buy, share and tell, scrapbook, sign up and sweepstakes. You can also read the FAQ section below at the bottom to find further information about Luvs products and web site services. You can also win a month’s supply of Luvs by entering the all you need is Luvs sweepstakes. Signing up with your account is free, however they ask for a lot of personal information such as address, birth date, city or zip code which could be quite uncomfortable for some potential customers.

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