• February 21, 2008

uk has been set up for the city dweller. To save people searching each individual premise and to save them from being inundated with correspondence (we do not pass on any of your details to third parties), this site intends to provide users with one place to access a city’s promotions, starting with Leeds, UK. Users quickly find the offers at locations and times convenient to them, receive them via email and by searching on the site, decide on the one they want, print the voucher and simply Gopher It! It’s all free of charge! It also provides an excellent advertising opportunity for the city centre business. They can upload their own profile and offers which are sent to the nearest site users. When comparing it to the equivalent of printing and distributing flyers, media advertising or setting up and managing their own website or customer database this is an excellent option for a business to target the right customers in a time and cost effective way.

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More – Healthy Gourmet Lunch Delivered

  • December 5, 2007

Fit2GoMeal.comAre you looking for a healthy gourmet lunch delivery service? Would you like to find healthy food information? If that is so, might be a good option to keep in mind. On this website you will be informed about healthy eating, including low fat food, and also find health tips and healthy meals nutritional information.

You can use to learn about different health tips you will find in this websites’ blog. In addition, the services provided by Fit 2 Go give you the chance to buy different meals online, including healthy food and low fat food, as well as wraps and salads.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a website to find healthy eating information, as well as low fat food delivery, feel free to stop by Remember this site next time you want to buy healthy food online, and also find health tips and healthy meals data.

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More – Mealtime Cafeteria Accounts Online

  • November 6, 2007

Presented by The CLM Group, MealTime Online is a software application that K-12 schools, colleges and almost any kind of cafeteria can use to manage their meal programs. The company has actually been around for more than 20 years, and its name is well-known to food service directors and nutritionists alike. And this site ( brings all the features and functionalities that have made Mealtime popular online.

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More – Restaurants Guide

  • September 20, 2007

Eat-Out-UK.comEat Out UK is a Restaurant Guide that allows you to Book restaurant meals online and leave reviews on any of the restaurants that you have visited. They offer great deals including Restaurants in York, London Restaurants, Edinburgh Restaurants, Manchester Restaurants, and Blackpool Restaurants – and many more popular places to eat in the UK.

Customers who visit the restaurants leave ratings on many Restaurants and Pubs, therefore you can be assured of the quality of Food on offer in the UK and true rating of all the UK Restaurants, Pubs and càfes establishments on the restaurant eating guide.

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More – Great Lunch Spots Near You

  • August 28, 2007

Lunchbox.Allbusiness.comLunchbox is my favorite kind of mashup. It mashes GIS maps and satellites with Yelp (a user-generated site for customer reviews) to give you easy access to restaurant reviews in your neighborhood.

Having worked the 9-5 gig for too many years and faced the mind-numbing question of where to eat lunch daily, this site would have been a welcome addition to my day. The site is super simple: you just enter in the desired zip code and/or the type of food you want, and watch for the map to pop up with some red tags. You then click on the tag and read some reviews. They have a link to the Yelp reviews so you can read a variety of opinions. You can also look at the restaurant on their map, their satellite, or their hybrid option. And that is all there is to it. And, that is literally all there is to the site.

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More – Find the Restaurant that’s Good for You

  • June 27, 2007

Foodio54.comFoodio54 is a growing directory of over half a million restaurants that lets you rate and review local listings. You start off by typing in the kind of food you are in the mood for and where you’re located, and they come p with the list of restaurants in your area that have what you’re looking for.

Based on how you rate the restaurants you’ve been to, you can get recommendations for new spots, and if you are going out to eat with friends who also use the site, you can add their usernames to your search to come up with the best restaurants for the whole group.

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More – Makes ordering lunch for your company easier

  • April 5, 2007

LunchProdigy.comIn case you are looking for an online supplier of school and office products, including filler paper, scratch pads and notebooks among others, you should stop by and check what they have to offer. Norcom Inc. is a company based in Griffin, Georgia, that manufactures school, office and home office products for local and international customers.

This site has information about the company, and a search engine you can use to search for a specific product in their catalog. What is more, on you will find a catalog of school products, office products and art products, including loose-leaf papers, wirebound notebooks and three-ring binders. Moreover, pads, folders, art and activity papers are also available.

Do you want to buy filler papers and scratch pads online? Are you looking for an online retailer of school products, office products and art products? In that case, might be worth a visit.

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