More – Making Business Collaboration Smoother

  • March 2, 2010

LumoFlow.comLumoFlow is a startup company that offers virtual workspaces where the members of any team can convene and collaborate to an extent which is not that far removed from the one that would characterize a physical proximate interaction. That is, the provided platform makes for exchanging insight and sharing files such as documents in an instant fashion.

Tasks can be assigned by the project manager, and he can also keep an eye on deadlines at all times, and plan schedules up to the last minute.

This solution is more than useful as a stand alone product, but it is important to stress that it can be integrated into any existing local intranet and turn it into something akin to a social network connecting employers and distributed workforce together. That would enable them not only to get to know themselves better by having a look at each other’s profile, but it will also empower them to keep an updated status at all times.

These workspaces are provided on a SaaS basis, and they are likewise available free of charge to begin with. Premium features are also available, and these include bigger document storage capacity and extended customer support. It will be interesting to see this application in action at the upcoming Plugg conference, where it is scheduled to be presented.

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