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  • October 23, 2007

Starwars.comAre you a Star Wars fan? Wouldn’t it be great to know everything about each episode of Star Wars? If you think so, stop wasting your time and visit this site. Starwars.

com provides visitors with official news, information on episodes, and images from Star Wars. Select an episode and have access to information about the cast and crew of each episode, behind the scenes, releases (theatrical, dvd & video), ads & trailers, etc., and explore each episode through snapshots, databank, q & a, and discussions. By becoming a member of this site, you will be granted with many benefits, such as VIP treatment, 10% discount on select premium Star Wars merchandise, access to an exclusive membership kit, photos and stories from fans around the world, connect with fellow fan club members on blogs and an exclusive message board, among many others. The site also features a shopping section where you can shop by character, category, or company.

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