More – Automation for your Library

  • February 22, 2008

TLCcdelivers.comTLC provides automation solution to libraries, supporting these automation solutions with integrated systems along with add-on solutions that can be used with any integrated system. Basically TLC will ready your library to meet and needs of your users or customers, all this by providing advanced technological solutions and a great service.

Within this website you will have access to detailed information on each of the product offered, customized reports, automatic backups, streamlined technical services, data merging, profile and holdings reports, data sorting, minimal system administration and many other services. New dimensions of finding, learning and self-service have been introduced along with artificial intelligence capabilities. I would suggest you visit this website if you were desperate to find new and innovative ways to optimize and automate your library or databases. Product brochures of each product containing detailed information are available within the section “what we do” and you can get in touch with tem for sales inquiries or for further assistance.

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