LUHS.org – Loyola Medicine

  • May 7, 2008

LUHS.orgLUHS.org redirects users to LoyolaMedicine.

org, the website for the Loyola University Health System. The site provides information on the facilities and medical services provided and includes health guides, patient and visitor information, news, and more. You can learn about Loyola, their mission statement, board of directors, network of care, and other such information. Patient care is very important to the Loyola University Health System, so on this site patients can find information on insurance coverage, patient safety, and other issues of interest to those using the health care services provided by Loyola. Information on specific medical services such as cancer treatment, children’s health, neurosciences, and more is also available. Since it’s of the utmost importance to patients, to know exactly what medical services are covered and who provides treatment, the website includes lists of the medical and research staff, as wel as all the support services offered to patients. Other important information included on the site is news, calendar of events, and health publications. LUHS.org

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Loyola.edu – Loyola College Online

  • April 23, 2008

Loyola.eduLoyola.edu is the website for the Loyola College in Maryland.

The site has information for current and prospective students. Current students have access to administrative services, class schedules, web mail, and a complete campus map. With all this information, your educational experience at Loyola should be highly enjoyable. Prospective students can find all the information needed to apply to the college. All forms to be filled out for application are online, so you can just print them and start the application process. The upcoming events section is great for students and community members to know what is going on in the university. By staying up to date on events going on at the university, you will not miss any of them. Parents have a section dedicated to them. It provides information that will help them determine whether Loyola College is right for their children. Test scores are also posted, this helps parents know if it is the school right for them and their students. Loyola.edu

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