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Making the Most of Affiliate Marketing

  • June 21, 2012

Getting ahead in the constantly evolving world of online retail is no small feat. Beyond a great foundation and an attractive site design, you’ve got to find ways of getting customers to your site in the first place. Whether you’re running lean and generating interest yourself or you already have a marketing team, deploying affiliate marketing efforts can offer a measurable boost in your sales and customer base.

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SocialStock Wants To Commodify Your Social Worth

  • June 18, 2012

For the fourteenth season of the animated series South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone played with the idea of ‘friend stock’ in an episode titled, “You Have 0 Friends.” In it, Kyle befriends an especially unpopular boy on Facebook out of pity. This act eventually leads to Kyle’s Facebook account being labeled ‘bad friend stock’ by Cartman, on his show Mad Friends, itself a parody of Jim Cramer’s zany financial advice show, Mad Money.

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RewardingYourself.com – Compare Loyalty Programs

  • December 8, 2011

RewardingYourself.comLetting you get the most out of your loyalty programs is the goal of RewardingYourself, a web and mobile service for knowing which reward items you’re entitled to. RewardingYourself is compatible with thousands of loyalty programs, and the whole world is already covered. It’s all indexed on a database you can search without even having to register for an account first. And when you’re ready to sign up for an account, then you’ll be able to get one at no cost. Registration to RewardingYourself.com is free, and once your account has been activated you’ll be able to start interacting with all the people who use the site to the full.

And the RewardingYourself.com database can even be searched by people who don’t belong to any loyalty program. In fact, one of the main uses of the site is letting you know what each loyalty program’s got to offer well before signing up for it.

Still, I think the most interesting aspect of this service is how it lets you compare the items offered by your loyalty program against retail items, and realize whether it’s best to use your points to get what you want or use your own cash to buy it. Keep in mind, though, that this comparison feature is available only to those who have signed up for a RewardingYourself account first.

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Aeroplan.ca – Coalition Loyalty Program

  • November 11, 2011

Aeroplan.caAeroplan is the Canadian coalition loyalty program which rewards the loyalty of clients with discounts on flights and air miles, through their website, Aeroplan.ca. Visitors to the Aeroplan site can get the latest news pertaining to the travel industry. If you want to use your air miles and enjoy discounts on flight options, then you should visit the Aeroplan.ca website. When you go to the website you will be able to find a list which states various companies that are affiliated to the rewards program for clients. The list contains more than a hundred and fifty financial, retail and travel partners.

If you have an account on Aeroplan.com, then you can log in through your account and check the number of air miles in your account. When you have sufficient air miles in your account, you can trade or change them for rewards like hotel bookings, car rentals, air tickets, etc.

The Aeroplan website is not only for the purpose of spending your air miles, but you can also earn air miles by purchasing things from the Aeroplan.com online store. The store offers apparel, books, music, accessories and various other programs. The more

you purchase, the more air miles you would be able to earn.

As a frequent flyer, it would be beneficial for you if you stop by the Aeroplan.com website and create an account. You will stand to gain a lot from the loyalty program. Frequent flyers are the ones who benefit the most from this kind of loyalty program because they get to receive rewards and incentives for sticking to one particular airline whenever they need to travel. Aeroplan is considered to be the most rewarding loyalty program in Canada.

When it comes to the airline you need to choose to become loyal towards, you can take your pick from among twenty seven Star Alliance member airlines. Thus, each time you fly with Air Canada Express, Air Canada or any other Star Alliance member airline; you will be rewarded Aeroplan miles which you can use on Aeroplan.ca website.


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RewardsForce.com – Loyalty Programs Management

  • July 2, 2011

RewardsForce.comThe objective of RewardsForce.com is to take something traditionally complex such as the management or rewards club, and turn everything on its head until it becomes something easy and pleasurable for the one who has to look after everything. To these purposes, the company offers a suite of tools that (when taken as a whole) will let anybody gather information about his customers, track their every interaction and reward specific sections with incentives. And for every campaign that is implemented then you can have access to detailed analytics showing you how well (or not) everything went. In the event things turned out sour, then you will be able to realize why, and know what to focus on next time around.

Currently, RewardsForce is focused on covering the needs of casinos and card rooms. Yet, the service is going to be expanded soon, and more industries are going to be duly catered for. In the meantime, if you operate in either industry you can get in touch with the company and start negotiating having its services used to your benefit.

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PointLoyalty.com – Create Loyalty Programs Instantly

  • March 3, 2009

PointLoyalty.comA resource that goes by a suitable name, PointLoyalty will let you build a bonus loyalty program in an intuitive and concise way. Aspects such as bonus calculation and so forth are dealt with by means of templates and samples, and the service is rendered on a SaaS basis.

The service is also suitable to businesses of every type, and sites ranging far and wide are taken into consideration – from traditional e-commerce destinations to social sites, all ventures are duly supported.

In the event that you don’t know which bonus program would suit your venture best, the company has a team of experts that can offer it assistance, and let you find out in which way could your clients be encouraged according to your business and its characteristics.

Note that although this service is essentially web-based, local installation is also supported. Contact the company at the address provided on the site for further information.

I must stress that whoever translated the site did not a very satisfactory job. I think the company should pay attention to that in order to cause a better overall impression, especially because the services they render are interesting and quite thorough in themselves.

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LoyaltyMatch: Turn Frequent Flier Miles into Cash

  • February 20, 2008

LoyaltyMatch.com is the first and only place where frequent flier/loyalty program points and miles can be converted into cash.

That’s good news for all the frustrated loyalty program members who can never seem to find what they really want. Now they can get cash to buy airline seats, they can pay off debt or just use the money to have some fun. They can also shop for thousands of items that they can buy or for which they can trade with other LoyaltyMatch.com members. People who are not members of any loyalty programs can also shop on the site.

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RewardPort.com – Coupons and Rewards

  • December 2, 2007

RewardPort.comRewardPort.com is an online loyalty program run by a team who strives to exceed their members’ expectations.

They are dedicated to providing the online shopper with rewards for simply doing what they already do online. Reward Port aggregates advertisers who wish to reach consumers online. Ads promotions are added at this website and in direct email campaigns. Here, members are rewarded with points for completing actions like for example visiting Websites, sampling products, playing trivia, completing market research surveys and making online purchases. What’s best is that there is no cost and no hidden fees when joining in. Sign up for free and earn 500 points, you will have to fill in a form. As RewarPort.com user you will receive offers and promotional materials directly to your valid email address that can earn you points. RewardPort.com

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