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KnockoutBids.com – Lowest Unique Guess Wins

  • December 2, 2008

KnockoutBids.comIf you enjoy guessing games and love winning great prizes KnockoutBids.com is the game for you.

Knockout Bids is a great new game where the lowest unique guess wins. You can compete with other players in order to guess how much a prize is worth. The only thing is that your guess, not only has to be the closest, it also has to be the only one that anyone’s made in order to win.

Users battle it out against each other to secure the lowest number that no other player guesses in order to win great prizes from cash to plasma televisions. Knockout Bids gives players loads of fun, entertainment, and prizes. If you think that being good at guessing is enough, you’re wrong. This isn’t The Price Is Right, it’s a battle. You have to fight in order to make sure that other people’s guesses don’t knock yours out.

If you like the thrill of the game and think you’ve got what it takes to beat other players in this unique guessing game, give it a try. You’ll have fun playing and get the chance to beat out other for some fantastic prizes.


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