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Thrifthunting.com – Best Price with ISBN Search

  • June 11, 2008

Thrifthunting.comThrifthunting.com was created after the site’s developer, an avid thrift shopper realized that he needed a simpler way of checking whether the books he was buying were a good deal or not.

With that goal in mind, he developed a site that allows you to simply enter the ISBN or UPC code of an item into the search bar and then have Thrifthunting.com search well-known sites like eBay and Amazon for the lowest price. The original intention of the site was to allow the developer to check the lowest price to see if the item could be re-sold online after purchasing it at a thrift store. Thrifthunting is also a community for all those who love shopping at thrift stores and getting a bargain, so if you are into good deal, give the site a try.

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