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Linguae.com – Online Translation Services

  • July 15, 2010

Linguae.comLinguae is a professional translation agency whose workforce compriss more than 3000 certified translators that have been selected manually. This network is available 24/7, and in addition to translation services the professionals employed by the agency can also take care of proofreading texts.

The company can translate documents of every type (Microsoft Word documents, PDFs, emails…) and both specialized and non-specialized texts can be submitted to be translated.

A document is submitted for translation in an easy three-step process. First, you have to select both the source and the target language. Second, you upload the document itself. Third, you confirm the placement of your order and pay. (Note that you have to be a registered customer in order to submit a document.)

Supported languages include English, French, Spanish, Italian and German. It is important to point that when submitting a document you can have it labeled as “urgent” at no additional cost, and that in each and every case you will be able to know the status of the work that is in progress. This applies both to texts that you submit both for translation and for proofreading.

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