LovingEco.com – Sustainable Fashion Deals

  • June 29, 2011

LovingEco.comLovingEco is devoted to nothing but fashion deals that come from eco-friendly brands. These are hand-picked by the LovingEco team, and the objective of the site is supporting those who work hard to create a healthier, cleaner world every day of their lives.

And the site is greatly enhanced by a section named Tastemaker Picks, in which successful people such as entrepreneurs, designers, actresses and stylish women and moms list their favorite brands. In this way, users of LovingEco have access not only to products that are good for the environment, but they are also brought into direct contact with what really classy and elegant people are wearing.

And it is vital to mention that whenever you buy anything on the site, 3% of net proceeds on each purchase are actually given to social and environmental causes. In this way, the company does absolutely all that is possible to do in order to give back to these organizations that strive to make the world we live in a much better and healthier place.

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LovingEco.com – Shop And Support Charities

  • June 17, 2011

LovingEco.comThis is the kind of site that you should check if you consider that the only brands that deserve your time and attention are the ones that that go through business in an eco-friendly way. That is a perfectly valid point of view, of course. And this site will let you support all these brands and retailers that think in the same way that you do, as it gives you access to deals coming from such companies. And not only are you provided with the chance to buy at stores that always emphasize the importance of conducting oneself in an eco-friendly manner, all of the supported stores also give back to charity. A portion of the price of any purchase you make through the site will actually find its way into some of the neediest charities and not-for-profits around.

This is all quite excellent, and the only thing you must do in order to start receiving such deals straight in your inbox is to sign up for an account. That costs nothing, and once the registration process has been complied with you will be able to start shopping and making the world a better place at the very same time.

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