Land-fsbo.com – Land For Sale By Owners

  • March 12, 2008

Land-fsbo.comDo you own a large piece of land somewhere and you´re planning to sell it? Or maybe you are thinking about buying lands at some place? Well, either way, Land-fsbo.com is the answer for you.

Why? Because there´s no other site like this in the internet. Here people who own lands all across America are placing selling ads and people who need to buy land are checking those ads here. You´ll find a large list of lands categorized. You can check out every state of USA to see what they have there to offer, and they guarantee you won´t be disappointed with their variety and their low and reasonable prizes. When you choose any of the lands they offer you will get all the information about it that you may need, and you´ll even be able to watch some pictures of the land. Every picture has it´s contact information that would lead you to that particular land ´s owner. So stop looking for land at anywhere else and pay a visit to Land-fsbo.com today. Land-fsbo.com

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LandBin.com – Recreational Land Search

  • January 23, 2008

LandBin.comLand Bin is an online real estate brokerage focused on the land, acreage and farm market. The site currently lists virtually every land listing in Minnesota & Wisconsin (50,000+) with more states to come soon.

Although Land Bin currently serves only two states, it is the only resource on the web to aggregate virtually every land, acreage and farm listing. The site features a very simple user interface making it drop dead simple for the target market to navigate, find and compare listings. If you are planning to buy or sell a recreational property in the near future, RealtyScape and LandBin.com would welcome the opportunity to represent your interests as a client. LandBin.com

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