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Tagg Pet Tracker App Is Man’s New Best Friend

Tagg Pet Tracker App Is Man’s New Best Friend

My family used to have a hyperactive dalmatian (really, he was on Ritalin) named Scooby. He would run away everyday, and we would have to run around the neighborhood trying to catch him (or find him for that matter). If you’re a dog owner, I’m sure you’ve experienced similar find and chase moments…

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This comprehensive listing of animal shelters aims to provide a net of services for those looking into adopting a pet and thus save them from death and loneliness; it also works for good hearted non-profit pet shelters, raising funds and donations in order to provide each pet with a loving and caring family. This easy-to-get-through site is bound not only to touch your heart, but also give you smart and useful information, providing...

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Aug21 – Find a Pet

Has your kid been asking for a dog for so long you can’t remember anything else coming from his mouth? Maybe you are a dog or cat lover who hates seeing them living on the street and want to adopt one? Then is the right website to stop by.   This site provides you with a search engine in which all you have to do is specify your ZIP code, the type of search you wish to make (“Adopt a pet”,...

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