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TheFoundThis.com – Find Lost Items

  • October 13, 2011

TheFoundThis.comIf you’re the kind who keeps on misplacing his items, this new website is going to spell the end of all your troubles. It goes by the name of Found This, and it lets you keep notes on all these items that you couldn’t really bear to lose. When using this site, what you do is to add these items one by one, and then create an individual note for every single one of them. These notes detail exactly where it is that they can be found. The idea is that if the item should get lost you could find it more easily merely by opening that note.

Of course, that’s going to work as long as one updates his notes every single time he moves items around. And that brings me to my main gripe, namely that the site is not really ductile when it comes to letting you have data inputted. Found This has still got a long way to go in terms of usability, as plenty more ways for updating notes once they’ve been created should be provided. Mobile apps are just one of the features this service is calling out for. That, and a crisper design for the site itself. When that has been seen to, it might just become distinctive enough for people to feel inclined to try it over a somehow prolonged stretch of time.

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TurlyTag.com – Recover Your Items If They Get Lost

  • June 8, 2011

TurlyTag.comTurlyTag is a really interesting system that basically lets you take every step you could possibly take to ensure that your most treasured possessions will be returned to you in the event you have lost them, and someone else has found them. In essence, TurlyTag is an ID system that lets anybody apply a unique code to these items that he values. These are generated using the provided tool, and once they have been created they can be printed and stuck on just anything – a bag, a bicycle, a notepad, even a set of keys. It is all identifiable and trackable using TurlyTag. And the idea is that when other people find the item that has become lost, then by merely having the code scanned they will get to know everything about its rightful owner.

As the creators of TurlyTag themselves point on the site, there is really no way to stop thieves from stealing. Yet, a system like TurlyTag enables people that always wish to do the right thing to do it more easily. Anything that has been tagged using TurlyTag is going to come back to its original owner, there is just no doubt about it whatsoever.

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