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Independenttraveler.com – Useful Traveling Tips

  • January 20, 2008

Independenttraveler.comNo matter how regularly you fly, or how bizarre or exotic your destinations are; there are always people waiting in airport lounges who look so much more sophisticated and relaxed than you, even though they –like you— have traveled for the past day through a gazillion time zones. Well, the key to perfect traveling chic and being laidback about it has been found: Independenttraveler.

com. It’s they who have the dirt on how to pack, how to get the best plane seats, and what to do before leaving in order to assure that landing back is a pleasurable experience, as opposed to a sad mess: coming back from a deserted beach to find your house messy after last-minute packing when you left, well… it doesn’t seem like rocket-science, and it’s not, the only thing is realizing it, and since we are grown-ups that haven’t managed to do it on our own, it seems somebody at independenttraveler.com is generating good karma by giving this sound advice to us, the traveling-challenged-mob. Other than this para-traveling advice, there is lots of useful resources, like an extensive guide to European trains and how to plan your trip using this means of transportation, what to do when you lose your passport, what shots you should have when traveling to Asia, Africa or South America, and what you should take into account when choosing a low-fare flight. Independenttraveler.com

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