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RocketTags QR Code Stickers Reunite People With Lost Valuables

  • July 11, 2013

I was shocked last week when I asked a friend what I should do with a set of keys I’d found just outside the front door of my building, and I watched him take the keys from my hands and throw them in the garbage. “What can you do?” he said. “You don’t know whose they are, what building they belong to…


SillySticker.Com – Don’t Lose Your Toys

  • February 4, 2009

SillySticker.ComThis company has developed a solution that allows users to recover their lost items by putting a label on it.

The way this system works is extremely simple. If you do want to recover an article that is very important for you, in case you loose it, Silly Sticker will put a label with their name on it, and once somebody finds the article, they will be getting a reward.

This is very interesting due to the fact that everybody wins: You recover your item, and the person that finds it gets a reward.

Users need to subscribe first in order to enjoy the benefits of SillyStickers. These labels can be used on key chains, cell phones, iPods, cameras, binoculars, laptops, PDAs, etc.

You can find more information about the company as well as about the system by clicking on the menu. There you will be able to see everything about the privacy policies, a well as to answers to the most asked questions.

This company has 25 years of free recovery ID service experience, with a 78% recovery rate, with a very rapid service, keeping the clients peace of mind by having a global coverage.


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Tyfish.com – Protecting Your Mobile Information

  • October 22, 2008


Atlanta based Tyfish offers a unique and convenient over-the-air backup and security service to smartphone users which protects their mobile information.

The process is very simple.

Users download and install the Tyfish application from their mobile browser onto their Blackberry, Palm, or Windows Mobile phone by visiting Tyfish.com. Users then complete the registration process on any computer browser.

Once activated, Tyfish users can login to their web account and secure a lost or stolen phone by remotely sending a lock or data wipe command to the phone. If the phone is out of site but nearby, the user can send a remote command to the phone that will make it shout repeatedly at the highest volume level – even if the phone is in silent or vibrate mode.

If backing up contacts, calendars, tasks, images, audio, or video files is important, it couldn’t be any easier than to schedule automatic backups nightly, weekly or any day of the month. It all happens over-the-air and without a cable attached to a computer.


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Imhonest.com – Intelligent Lost and Found Solution

  • May 30, 2008

Imhonest.comImhonest offers a complete system that facilitates the lost and found process through the provision of ultra-durable labels which allow owners to be identified and lost goods to be found. Using Imhonest is simple, just order the number of labels that you require and then go online and register each item along with the number found on the label.

If someone finds this item they can call a toll free number provided on the label or go the website. Dropping off can be done at any UPS Store location or arrangements can be made for the good in question to be picked up. Additional incentive to return goods is provided by a reward package to anyone who returns anything.

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DogDetective.com – Lost And Found Dogs

  • April 9, 2008

DogDetective.comHelp yourself find Missy and help save some trees by visiting this site, which is nothing but a database of lost and found dogs. The idea is very simple but because of that very powerful: to set up a network of people who might find a lost dog because of the kind of work they do, like being a vet, working in a shelter, a kennel, a law-enforcement agency, or just being a volunteer.

In order to post a missing alert, users have to create an account, and once they have, an alert goes on to all the subscribers of DogDetective.com, who will take care of getting in touch with the pet owner to give it back. The service is open for people from around the world, though for the time being it seems to be very big in south US. Don’t freak out thinking that if you decide to subscribe you’ll get information on lost doggies in Malaysia and France, because you won’t: since 32% of the dogs that are lost are found within 10 miles of their homes, the system works mainly by zones: you can subscribe to receive alerts in any area you want, and of course can choose as many areas as you want. If you take a look at the ‘Solved Cases’ area, you’ll see that you will be doing some great help: lots of people are using this service and getting their pets back all the time. You can also use the service to report stolen animals, and the site puts together stats and reports on the breeds that get lost and stolen more often, and also in which city it happens. DogDetective.com

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Yesterdate.com – Find Whatever You Are Looking For

  • April 7, 2008

Yesterdate.comHave you thought endlessly about that girl you kissed years ago at the club and wondered would have happened if you hadn’t lost her phone number? Perhaps you lost your key or your dog a few days ago and are desperately trying to figure out how to get them back? Yesterdate takes the “lost and found” idea generally found at the back of your favorite newspaper, adds cutting edge Google mapping and a sophisticated search engine to give you the tools you need to find whatever you are looking for. It works by allowing anyone to enter whatever they are looking for, followed by the category, a year and the location and then this data can be searched by anyone else.

So perhaps, that girl still wonders what might have been and because of your Yesterdate posting, she finds you and the rest as they say is history.

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Yougetitback.com – Recover Lost and Stolen Items

  • March 24, 2008

Yougetitback.comMore than 70,000 unclaimed, unmarked laptops are in New York’s LaGuardia airport alone. Multiply this number by every other valuable devices that could be lost (cell phones, MP3 players, PDAs) and then think about every other locations where you could leave something behind- that adds up to a lot of missing valuables.

YouGetItBack.com has a solution to retrieve this missing equipment. Users simply buy a YouGetItBack.com security tag, adhere it to their valuable, and activate it online. If the item is lost, a finder can easily call the 800 number and connect with the owner. YouGetItBack reports a 75% retrieval rate. At this time, the service is only available in the UK.

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TheFoundBin.com – Worldwide Lost and Found

  • November 12, 2007

TheFoundBin.comWe’ve all lost things on occasion. It may have been a stuffed bear in some foreign hotel, a wallet after a night out at the bars, or perhaps, a digital camera that you had mindlessly placed on the neighboring seat on an airplane and forgotten about whilst you napped.

Whatever the case, losing your belongings is almost inevitable, and it certainly isn’t a pleasant experience; TheFoundBin has been developed exactly so that you can find the stuff you lost. It’s sort of a digital and global lost and found. If you’ve lost an item, you can post a short description along with contact info should someone find it. Your item will then be posted and mapped. Alternatively, if you’ve come across a lost item, jot down the circs and a description. From there, ‘losers’ can search the site’s Found section to see if someone’s chanced upon their precious lost item. Entries can be anonymous and the site is free for everyone to use. The site also features guest interviews and tips for searching.

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Oomia.com – Lost And Found

  • July 31, 2007

Oomia.comHow do you find lost objects? If praying to St. Anthony doesn’t quite do the trick, check out Oomia.

This brand new site is repository for things lost, or at least the memory of them. While Oomia isn’t actually a lost/found box, it does give your lost items electronic legs, in a way. Just post your missing things along with a short description: location, size, remarkable attributes, etc., and perhaps someone in the Oomia community will find it or perhaps they’ve already found it. Search for items via country or category. Posting is absolutely free. Among the lost items on the site are passports, rings, and cell phones. Found items aren’t as numerous, but if anyone’s lost a black Zippo or 1000 euros in Zaragoza, Spain, check out Oomia to claim your goods. Oomia’s free to use and comes in three languages.

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