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Solixta.com – Better Business Network

  • September 17, 2007

Solixta.comThe Solixta.com is a platform that let you research, compare, review, discuss and promote more than 1,000 business opportunities without having to spend countless hours jumping from search engines to forums and over-hyped sales pages.

Features and benefits include: database of more than 1,000 business opportunies (growing daily), all programs have their own description, forum and chatroom, your own mailbox, request cash support if you lose money, business networking including professional business profile, you own real Worldpress blog, bookmark member profiles, personal event calendar, set up your own web conference, organize your business into groups with mailshot feature, personal networking, Program Watchdog to monitor business opportunities, find programs according to category – startup costs – etc., have new programs added to the database, sponsor programs for maximum exposure, Advisory Board set up to help Pro members in their business, advertising manager, audio library, audio manager, campaign manager, marketing resources, video manager, member showcases, downline builder and more.

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