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La.com – Los Angeles Guide

  • February 8, 2008

La.comAre you planning to take a visit to L.A? Then you should check out La.

com first. The site offers a complete guide for Los Angeles entertainment and sightseen. LA.com is meant to feed the need of people that wants more than the usual “landmarks” and “long-waiting lines” sorts of coverage. The site contains the newest boutiques, trends, eats and celebreties. LA.com is your first-stop resource on where to go, what to do, what’s new and what’s classic. The site was developed by MediaNews Group’s, which also includes Gannett, one of the largest newspaper and broadcasting companies in the U.S., and Stephens Media Group, an industry leader in newspaper publishing and multimedia. The site offers many categories such as nightlife, celebs & gossip, movies, tv, music, the arts, dining, travel, style & beauty, recreation and neighbourhoods. So if you want to get the latest about L.A. this is the site for you. La.com

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