LorainCCC.Edu – Lorain County Community College

  • May 23, 2008

LorainCCC.EduThe Lorain County Community College is Ohio’s top-ranked community college. It offers a combination of programs and services that are not available from any other educational institution in the state.

It is the only university in the state that offers a University Partnership program. The University Partnership enables people to earn bachelors’ and master’s degrees from any of several Ohio universities without leaving the LCCC campus. It has one of the first campuses to offer EnterPriseOhio’s SkillsMAX program, which includes employee assessment, certification and training tools to match job applicants to specific positions. Learn more about what makes LCCC special at the About Us section of the site. At the top of the homepage you will find a menu that includes categories such as Current Students, Future Students, Business/Industry, Community Services, Faculty/Staff, and About Us. These categories will help you find out more about this college, its services, academy fields, alumni, faculty, and much more. LorainCCC.Edu

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