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Indomite Music and are a combination of a fully functional desktop recording studio software and an online Web 2.0 community application. intends to break the limitation facing artists in their quest to create and distribute their music. will allow every artist to connect with other artists all over the world with similar musical preferences regardless of geographical relation.

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This site offers a service for all those who are fans of hip hop beats and would like to start producing their own ones. In this site you can download sounds and loops, produce beats or enter a contest as well in which you can win money for the beats you produced or get them on Mtv, VH1 of BBC. You can purchase online any of the products mentioned above to produce your own beats. In this site you can find beside each of the products...

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Created by sound designers for sound designers, SFXsource is the only SFX library to provide the vast majority of its sound effects and music in 48k 24bit and 320kpbs formats. On this site you will find cutting-edge and imaginative sound samples crafted with passionate expertise for use in all levels of production, from professional to amateur, for use in Film, TV, Games, and New Media. It is the latest in sound effect online...

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