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This Week’s Best In Beta: Where Should You Look To Get Off The Beaten Path? Untrodden

This Week’s Best In Beta: Where Should You Look To Get Off The Beaten Path? Untrodden

The next time you travel, you’ll want your first step off the beaten path to be Untrodden. This booking site looks amazing.

Read More – A Provider Of Military Lodging

TDY Lodging provides both corporate housing and temporary duty military lodging all over the territory of the United States and overseas. Over 100 different locations are available for military and Department of Defense government travelers, and these individuals will be able to book reservations directly through the site. The fact remains that the Defense Travel System (DTS) is not capable of fulfilling the needs of all military...

Read More – Find & Book Hotels Near Sport Venues

MATCHhotels is a brand new platform that aims to help sport fans find and book hotels in the vicinity of sport venues. So far, football, cricket, rugby, horseracing, tennis and motor sports are covered. The site is structured in an intuitive fashion, and the opening screen features a list of popular venues for each one of the supported sports. The individual results themselves are displayed in a list, and site users are able to...

Read More – Find Hotels Near Subway Stations

This is a European startup that I think has great potential if it can expand its regional appeal and end up covering other territories. As it stands, Subway Hotels enables you to look up hotels which are located near train stations in three major European Capitals. These are Madrid, Berlin and Paris. A detailed search tool is provided for these purposes, and you are requested to provide extensive information including the distance...

Read More – Hotel Video Reviews

If you want to make travel decisions that are as well-founded as they can get, this young portal might provide you with more than enough food for thought. The essence of Hotel Video Reviews is encapsulated by its title, and its tagline makes things even more crystal clear. It reads “Unbiased hotel video reviews from real travelers”, and it says it all, really. The one thing that you ought to know is that the site spans the whole...

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