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The Importance Of Living Fully For Entrepreneurs

The Importance Of Living Fully For Entrepreneurs

As a mentor to women entrepreneurs, I’ve observed that Brilliance-Based Businesswomen (experts, consultants, and others with businesses built on their creativity and knowledge) seem especially challenged by the concept of briefly pausing work to take care of themselves

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Unstuck is an iPad application for these times in which you really could use some advice, and there’s no-one around you really trust. If there and then you launch the Unstuck app, you’ll get a chance to see what people who have ever found themselves stuck in a similar position did to get out of it. You’ll learn what they did in order to pull through, and the idea’s to let you find as many ways out of a problem...

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The IQ Matrix Blog helps people improve and accelerate their learning potential through a potent combination of mind mapping and life coaching principles. Each topic discussed on the IQ Matrix Blog is represented as a Mind Map reference tool that is available for purchase as a downloadable PDF or as a laminated wall poster from the IQ Matrix Shop. Topics and Mind Maps are built around business, academic, career, sports, and life...

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MoveMoutains helps you achieve your goals. The site basically acts as a life coach, but you needn’t pay ridiculous amounts for their services. It’s actually free. To get the most out of it, you’ll first need to set your goals, and be clear about what you want to achieve. MoveMountains lets you track your progress with comparison charts and graphs. They get quite precise. You choose how you want to measure your...

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