NotesToFriends.com – Send Letters Online

  • January 21, 2012

NotesToFriends.comYou can write the warmest of messages on your best friend’s wall for his birthday, but nothing beats sending him a letter. Even if the words you write are not as effusive as the ones you could write on his Facebook’s wall, it’s the fact of sending him something that he can touch, smell and feel what counts. And if you don’t do it, if you don’t send him a letter then that’s simply because walking to the post office in the snow just to have the letter mailed is too much to bear. It’s OK, it’s understandable. Nobody would point fingers at you. Yet, the time for excuses is coming to an end. Now that a service like Notes To Friends is here, you’ll never risk catching a pneumonia just to send a letter to a friend again.

Notes To Friend lets you write a letter directly on your browser. You can write down whatever you want using the provided editor, and then fill the actual envelope. When that’s done, the company will have the letter mailed for you. And it’ll charge you just $1.49 for doing so.

That’s the basic pricing, at least. If your letter is longer than two pages, then you’ll be charged an additional $0.20 per page. If your letter has got more than 10 pages then that’s costing you an additional $1 on top of the $0.20 per page.

And if you want, you can remove the logo that the company places on the front of the envelope for an extra $0.10.

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MyOpenLetter.in – Write Open Letters

  • October 3, 2011

MyOpenLetter.inWhat further proof do we need that everything is going social than a site like My Open Letter? Here, people are allowed to write and publish letters that are essentially public. Yes, that’s right. Users of this service can post letters online that can be seen not only by their intended recipients, but also by every person who sets his browser to www.myopenletter.in.

Using the site involves supplying your name, the name of the person you’re sending the letter to, and then typing down the actual letter. A WYSIWYG makes that last part really easy. You’ll be able to change the font you’re using, and insert everything from smileys and hyperlinks to images and Flash animations. Once the letter is ready, it will go live for your friend and the whole wide world to read it.

My Open Letter is a free service, and people aren’t even required to sign up to get started. And they’re not limited in what they can and can’t disclose on the letters they end up writing and posting.

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PostalShout.com – Send Letters From Your Computer

  • March 15, 2011

PostalShout.comSending letters from your desktop is what this service is all about. And that is done as easily as it gets. You just have to type them down in your computer using your preferred word processing application, and email them as attachments for them to be turned into regular paper letters that will be delivered to all your intended recipients.

Because that is one of the clearest advantages of this service – it makes for sending a large batch of letters with the same ease in which you can send just one. It is all a mere matter of doing a mail merge for all the recipients that you have in mind to be mailed. This turns Postal Shout into a tool that is as suitable for personal uses as for commercial purposes.

This service is charged as little as 75 cents. That is certainly cheaper (and more comfortable) than buying the envelope, having the letter printed, and going to the post office to have it mailed in the rain and sleet.

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MailMarlin.com – Launching Direct Mail Sales Campaigns

  • November 16, 2010

MailMarlin.comMailMarlin is a company that implements mail sales letter campaigns for real estate agents, insurers and small businesses in general. The company takes care of everything, from writing the actual sales letters to having them printed and delivered.

All the letters created by the company are composed by professional writers, they are printed in high-quality paper, and they are sent the next business day after they have been penned. And you can also schedule to have letters delivered at a later date – whatever fits your marketing goals best.

This is a service that works with all companies, in all industries whatsoever.

The actual fees that will apply to you, now, depend on the number of letters that you intend to send out. The packages that are listed on the site go from 100 to 5000 letters, and in the event you need to have a larger amount mailed then that is also possible. Simply contact the company and specify your requirements in order to receive a quote.

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ThankThankNotes.com – Send Handwritten Thank You Notes

  • October 16, 2010

ThankThankNotes.comTo many, instant messages and email have but marked the end of written communications. That such a thing has happened can be objected from many valid angles.

Yet, we also have to concede that the ones who don’t send handwritten messages any longer do that owing to practical reasons and nothing else. I am sure that a very representative percentage of them would say they would write things down themselves if they had the time.

Which brings me to this startup. Thank Thank Notes is a service whereby you can have a “Thank You” note handwritten, stamped and sent out by the company for you.

Such a service can be put both to professional and personal uses, obviously. You can thank the ones you do business with for their professionalism, you can congratulate a couple of friends who just got wed… there are a hundred uses I can think of, and I bet the same applies to you. And I am sure that every use we could come up with would be an unquestionably good one.

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1HRmail.com – Send Physical Letters Using The Internet

  • July 27, 2010


Self-touted as “your online post office”, 1hrmail is an Internet service that you can use to mail a real letter for just 99¢. In other words: it is a service that makes sending a physical letter something as easy as sending an electronic mail.

All you will have to do is fill in the content that you intend to send out along with the pertinent contact information using a supple interface for the letter to be ready and mailed within one hour. Letters are mailed Monday to Saturday from 9am to 3pm PST. And letters can be sent internationally, too. Extra postage will be charged according to the destination country, and (whenever possible) the letter will be sent via First Class mail.

In this way, those who use this system can keep in touch with loved ones without having to worry about buying stamps or having to wait in line at the post office any longer (not to mention making the actual trip there when the weather resembles a tropical storm).

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TrueCompliments.com – Receive Support When You Need It

  • June 9, 2010

TrueCompliments.comThis website is certainly novel, although I wonder how useful will it really be to the public at large. The basic premise is that by paying a small rate you are receiving a complimentary letter right in your mailbox.

These letters are written by a person – they are not the result of computer concatenating phrases or any other automation process, and no templates are used either. Each and every letter that is sent out is penned by a person, using information that the client himself had submitted beforehand.

All letters are said to come with a “Feel Good Guarantee” which means that if the letter was not appealing you can either request a second letter or your money back.

And it must also be mentioned that you can receive an email instead of a letter if you want.

While it is easy to get sarcastic with a service like this one, it is also true that the site denotes a lot of genuine sentiment. I feel that anything that has been devised to give people an uplifting time is commendable. But I just don’t know how many among the buying public are actually that idealistic.

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MailWriter.com – Send Physical Mail Using The WWW

  • March 30, 2010

MailWriter.comMailWriter is an interesting solution that will allow you to send a letter to any address or postbox in the world without actually leaving your home – it is all taken care of online. The process entails little more than writing the letter, previewing it and sending it off.

In practice, this means that you can save yourself both time and the actual walking to the letterbox to mail your letters. You are also dispensing with buying stamps.

It is vital to stress that you can send forth not only letters but also payslips, recipes and advertising mail. In actuality, a mailroom is provided for corporate users and those who want to maximize every aspect of such a mailing modality.

Note that when actually writing the letter you can upload a document of its own – software like Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Adobe PDF is fully supported, and the usage of such files will obviously make the whole message become more illustrative for your recipient.

As a result, this new service stands as a viable alternative when it comes to sending letters either to any national or international destination. Best of all, there is no need to register to use this mailing solution, and that is always a good point on any service’s scorecard.

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MapEnvelope.com – Create Envelopes Which Act As Maps

  • March 29, 2010

MapEnvelope.comWould you like to send customized letters to your family and friends? If so, you can start with the envelope by entering MapEnvelope.com. On this site you will learn how to customize your letter envelope with this simple process. MapEnvelope allows you to print letter envelopes made with your Google Maps location and customizable messages.

Do you know what is Google Maps? Are you looking for original letter envelope? Enter MapEnvelope.com and find out more about this perfect mix that gives you the chance to customize envelops lined with Google Maps locations. On this site you can also see a preview before printing your mailing envelop.

Therefore, if you want to send customized letters, enter MapEnvelope.com. You will find some simple steps to follow before printing your mailing envelope. You just have to type in your location to get Google Maps location image. Then, you just need to type in your custom message.

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MailFinch.com – A New Way To Handle Mail Campaigns

  • March 11, 2010

MailFinch.comIf your current newsletter strategies are failing to engage your recipients, you might like to consider a change of tack. And that is what this service will let you do.

It is named MailFinch, and it basically lets you take advantage of technology to the full. Using the site you can upload any newsletter that you want to send out (as a PDF document), and the company will do two things with it: print it and have it mailed the next business day to the list of recipients that you have entered manually or imported via CSV.

Moreover, you can set up as many autoresponders as you want in order to give customers that little more attention which in the end might turn them into a loyal fanbase. For example, when a customer subscribes to a list you can have automatic birthday and anniversary greetings sent out for these events.

This service is paid on a monthly basis, and fees depend on the usage that you want to put it to. Three plans are currently offered: “Freelance”, “Small Office” and “Enterprise”. They are upgradeable and downgradeable as you see fit, and in each and every case letters are printed in 28lb paper.

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NotifyYourNeighbor.com – Dealing With Your Neighbors

  • January 25, 2010

NotifyYourNeighbor.comIf you have a neighbor who plays CDs by the Grateful Dead heinously loud all day and all of the night, a neighbor whose dog is driving everybody crazy or a neighbor that doesn’t get that throwing rubbish bags from the third floor into the street is not that wise or funny then this site is for you. It will let you do something about any situation generating friction in the neighborhood, and something pacific at that

This startup will enable you to get the message across without having to disclose your identity.

You just have to provide the team with the address and then pick one of 12 common issues. They will get in touch with the troublesome one, and the approach will surely beat a hand-written note with a tone of anger or frustration – the conflictive one will receive a request for change that will be both professional and respectful.

All in all, a truly civil way to ensure that the street you live in will be a pleasant one for everybody. There is nothing worse that fostering bad feelings in the place you live in, and this service is certain to let you tackle any complicated issue in as anonymous a manner as you might want.

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Lettermatics.com – Sending Out Letters From Your PC

  • January 19, 2010

Lettermatics.comA service which is quite well-focused, Lettermatics aims to let businesses build up more solid relationships between them and their customers by employing the power of real mail, instantly from any desktop or laptop.

Traditionally, sending out a letter can cost up to $20 in both organizational and administrative expenses, not to mention the actual expenditure of time.

Now, by way of modules that fit in with standard retail automation systems and templates that can be easily customizable Lettermatics is a true marketing system in the sense that it enables salespeople to send letters for notably less than that price, and virtually within moments of a transaction having been completed.

This system accelerates and streamlines the processing and sorting of mails in addition to its delivery, too, since postal address correction and bar code printing are fully supported.

When it comes to the download and installation of the software, that is accomplished easily and at no cost. A test mode will then allow you to try it all out for free, and then you will be able add money to your EZ-Post account to cover postage and printing expenses. And a full software licence is available when you are ready to make the big jump.

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Niceletter.com – Writing Letters Just Got Easier

  • December 1, 2009

Niceletter.comThe digital age caused many people to lose the structural knack that defined letter-writing in the past. These individuals will most likely benefit from a service such as Niceletter.

And the same goes for those who did never get to grips with formatting their letters to begin with, and wrote everything in the wrong places of the sheet.

Basically, Niceletter is a free letter wizard that will enable anybody to have a letter which complies with writing rules simply by filling in a couple of fields. That is, the layout of the letter will be taken care of more or less automatically, and the only thing you will need to worry about is the actual content.

A system like this accommodates uses ranging far and wide, but one that shines through is that of composing cover letters for resumes. That is a traditional stumbling block for young people, and anything which lets them take care of that so smoothly is necessarily compelling. Besides, any letter that you create is printer-friendly by default, and you can have it ready to be mailed in no time at all.

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FromABirdie.com – Writing Letters Collectively

  • October 21, 2009

FromABirdie.comSome might say that the only form of true correspondence is made up by physical letters. That might sound a little too square and old-fashioned to many, but such a viewpoint can be defended from more angles than one – letters showcase true dedication and they are 100 % personalized.

The problem is that letters are too time-consuming and that is why they have been displaced by e-mail in the vast majority of cases. This site aims to reach a sort of middle ground by letting people write letters online and have them collected in a sort of album that the recipient can open whenever he wishes, and wherever a web-enabled computer is at hand.

This system involves the creation of the album and the subsequent invitation of friends of your friend in order to start writing. When a date that has been set down at the beginning comes, the recipient is sent an e-mail and he can read what you and your friends have written.

At the end of the day, a message is a message. It always showcases affection and dedication, and it makes clear you have been thinking about somebody. That should suffice, and as far as I am concerned it always do. This site will let you come up with a collective display of appreciation, and that will be more than enough to show others how much you care.

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SendALoveLetter.co.uk – Written From the Heart

  • October 21, 2008


uk offers romantics the opportunity to write a love letter to the person they cherish the most. This site allows you to let someone know how you feel in a unique and very special way. Your thoughts and emotions expressed in your own words, a unique chance to write a letter of love for someone special. Your letter could say sorry, hello, thank you, miss you, or offer passion and sentiment.

The service is hassle free and easy. You write the letter and SendALoveLetter.co.

uk adds the extra finishing touches, such as printing your letter and placing it in a presentation folder wrapped in ribbon and placed in a box with tissue, confetti, and petals.

All individually wrapped, packaged and delivered to your loved one. You can even include a gift to give extra wow factor. With your first letter, the site provides an introductory offer. You can send a letter and they will add a chic love picture frame for free.


uk is brining back the romance. Everyone would love to receive just one love letter in their lifetime and now there is the opportunity in a unique way which both a man or woman would love.


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LetterWhiz.com – Free Letter Templates

  • October 3, 2008

LetterWhiz.comLetterwhiz.com offers a multitude of professionally written, fully customizable letter templates for all occasions.

The site offers you tons of professionally prewritten letters to choose from, a powerful search engine so you can find that right letter, and a huge database of quotes if you need to use one in a letter or presentation.

You can find all of this is on the site at no cost. You can even sign up for a free members’ account which allows you to save your letter templates online. The entire website is completely free of charge so users can truly take advantage of the wide variety of templates and other useful features.

The site is constantly adding more letter templates and quotes to their database in order to bring users even more selection. All of the letter templates that are featured on the site are written professionally in-house, and even take recommendations from users for future letters.

If you need a little inspiration or help in finding the right words to express your thoughts or feelings, whether in your professional or personal life, this site can lend you a hand.


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Letterfu.com – A New Approach To Snail Mail

  • September 28, 2008

Letterfu.comIt is quite peculiar how something that can easily succeed an older practice might actually give it a new lease of life. The Letterfu website is a case in point.

Basically, Letterfu is an online service that makes for writing letters and sending them via standard mail procedures – but dispensing with envelopes, cutting or glue.

This system is implemented as follows. First, you choose a letterfu design from the many on offer and print it out into a sheet of paper. Then, you write the letter itself on the reverse. After adding the address, you fold the letter using the instructions included on the letterfu design and then stamp it and drop in the nearest letterbox.

The advantages and reasons for picking out a letterfu folding letter are evident. They are easy to print, come with lively and attractive designs, and they are as light as they come. This makes them ideal for international mail. Also (as the site correctly points out), a letter is much more poignant and personal than any electronic from of communication. As such, it is the best way for getting in touch with someone you haven’t spoken to in while.

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Medicationsense.com – Medical Products News Letter

  • July 13, 2008

Medicationsense.comIt seems that every week a new drug or form of treatment appears that promises to be the latest, greatest thing when it comes to pharmaceuticals. Often it is very difficult to get informed and impartial opinion about these drugs as they are advertised by the pharmaceutical manufacturers and many Doctors are paid to promote them.

If you have heard about a possible course of treatment that might suit you and your ailment or if you are a Doctor that would like some form of impartial review before prescribing a new drug then you might like to take a look on the internet at a web site called www.medicationsense.com. This web site is designed to offer its visitors a balanced view on many subjects and products that are related to the pharmaceutical industry. The web site is written in the form of a newsletter by a qualified doctor who receives no sponsorship for his work. Medicationsense.com

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SantaLetterFree.Com – Santa Letters For Free

  • May 28, 2008

SantaLetterFree.ComAt SantaLetterFree.Com you can create your own personalized letter from Santa.

You can print on your own paper. You can also learn how to add a North Pole postmark after you fill out the form for making your letter. They are great for children and adults of all ages. What is more, you have the choice to purchase more choices. You can make your child’s Christmas magical with a free personalized letter form Santa Clause. At the left hand side of the homepage you will find some categories to browse the website. These categories are Home, Make Santa a Letter, Track Santa, Make Adult Santa Letter, About Us, FAQ, Privacy, Contact Us, and Link To Us. This website’s mission is to put smiles on children’s faces which in turn put smiles on their parents’ faces. It is non-profit, and they try to keep it this way as long as they can. Making a letter to Santa is very easy all you have to do is fill out the provided form. SantaLetterFree.Com

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