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Let The Web Teach You How To Use A Foreign Language Naturally – Phraseum

Let The Web Teach You How To Use A Foreign Language Naturally – Phraseum

One of the greatest challenges of learning a foreign language is figuring out how to talk and write like an actual person instead of sounding like a textbook or audio recording lesson. And there are so many painful almost moments, when words that are beginning to become familiar have just enough casual…

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They say the best way to learn a language is by immersing yourself in the culture and thereby forcing yourself to learn as a form of survival. The next best thing to moving to another country to learn a language would be connecting yourself with native speakers from that country and speaking with them in their language. This is where Conversation Exchange steps in, providing you with multiple ways of connecting with native speakers of...

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Myhappyplanet is an online social network for people interested in learning a language in exchange for the teaching of their own language. This approach allows native speakers from around the world to brush up their conversational skills and learn about other cultures while talking to each other and teaching each other. The service is completely free and just requires a quick registration. After registering you simply enter which...

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