More – Dummy Text For Your Designs

  • June 12, 2008

BlindTextGenerator.comBlindTextGenerator is a tool for web designers for creating mock up texts to test out their layouts and designs. The site generates text of various sizes and types to include in design examples.

Users can pick from the standard Latin Lorem ipsum text, Kafka’s Metamorphosis, Cicero, Werther, and Pangram, among others, to use as filler or dummy text. Each text gives designers a glimpse into the readability and clarity of the layout as a whole. Designers are able to configure the paragraphs using different sources and word patterns to compare the visual effect of each. Advanced options allow for font variations, letter spacing, line height adjustments, and alignments.

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More – Free Myspace Backgrounds

  • June 12, 2008

Grmlbrowser.comAre you a member of my space? Are you a little bit tired of the way your profile looks? If you are, and you are looking desperately a nice place to add a little bit of fun to it, there is no better place for you to be than this. At grmlbrowser.

com you will be able to find a wide selection of backgrounds to choose from to make your profile look just wonderful. Fell free to explore the entire site and take fully advantage of all the great things it has to offer. The site contains some of the greatest stuff for your myspace profile like you won’t be able to find anywhere else. At the left side of the screen you will see backgrounds ordered according to their category. Other website features include; cool backrounds, web layouts, animated icon, and much more. Visit the website to learn more about all the great things it has to offer.

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More – Myspace Resource Site

  • June 2, 2008

Profilemods.comAre you familiar with the term “Myspace”? My space, your space… here is everyone’s space. And the big idea of Profileriot.

com is to make the best myspaces of all. To that end, the site has an incredible number of tools and layout to built, design, and conditioning yours, and everybody’s. If you are really new to the myspaces dynamic, it is really advisable to get some information before entering this site. Why? Because it provides you with all the tools to start building and designing your space, and for that you should already have some idea of how it works. If you do, then welcome. has it all to customize your space and make it really yours. Its resources include layouts, generators, graphics, codes, surveys, and much more. Fulfill your space with girls pictures, get text and links codes, learn how to hide your features… There are really a lot of tools spread over the homepage, even special features like the “Layout Stealer”.

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ScrapBooks.Com – Keeping Memories Alive

  • June 2, 2008

ScrapBooks.ComScrapBooks.Com is the first online scrapbook store in the world.

At the left hand side of the homepage you will find some categories that will help you browse the site. These categories are Adhesives and Mounting, Albums and Refills, Alphabets and Letters, Books and Education, Cardmaking, Cardstock and Paper, Chipboard, Cutters and Trimmers, Digital Scrapbooking, Gift certificates, Paints, Photo Corners, Stickers, and a lot more. Here, you can shop by brand, by color, or you can check the new products and close outs. At the top of the site you will find also some categories including Shop, Gallery, Forums, Design Team, Resources, Blogs, My Scrap Space, and the Newsletter. At the forum is where Scrapbooks.Com members can gather to exchange ideas, thoughts and other information about scrapbooking and hear the latest scoop. When shipping, they calculate your shipping charge based on the total weight of your package, including box weight, as well as the requested shipping speed and the distance the package travels to arrive to you. For more information visit the Shipping Information section. ScrapBooks.Com

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More – Add Fun To Your MySpace Profile

  • May 30, 2008

Profilekiss.comAre you a member of Myspace? Are you little bit tired of the way your profile looks? If you are, and you are desperately looking for a place where you can find new stuff to add a little bit of fun to your profile, let me tell you that you don’t need to look any further; is just the right place for you! This site contains some of the greatest stuff for your MySpace, like you will not be able to find anywhere else! Visit the website to see their cute profile layouts, graphics, comments, glitters and lots more of incredible stuff to download.

At the left side of the screen you will see items ordered by category. Some of the categories include; popular, greetings, love and girly, time and day, entertainment and much more. The site is very well designed, so it is really easy to navigate trough it, even if you are beginner in this field.

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More – Free Graphics and Layouts

  • May 19, 2008

LayoutsVille.comDo you want to make your MySpace, Zooped, CherryTap or Bebo profile a whole lot cooler? LayoutsVille features more than 700 layouts and thousands of images, code, graphics, and flash widgets for you to use free of charge on your profile. There’s something for everyone here.

There are many different themes so no matter your taste, you’re sure to find something that’s right or you. Anything you can image is probably on this site so n matter if your taste gravitates towards music, cartoons, astrology or fashion LayoutsVille is sure to have something to make your profile reflect just who you are. There are many graphics available too including celebrity backgrounds, college logos, state glitters, contact tables, and more. If you’d like to hide your URL box, comments, and other MySpace features, you’ll be able to download codes for that purpose. The site even has generators to download which allow you to generate video and music codes, photo cube, and more.

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More – MySpace Editor

  • May 15, 2008

Myspacelayoutgenerator.orgAre you looking to customize your MySpace profile? If you are, then you should visit

On the site, you will find the tools necessary to make your MySpace profile stick out from the rest. The only limit to how creative your profile can be is your imagination. There are several easy to use graphic design tools that will allow you to take your profile to the next level. There are pre made layouts created by other users that you can download and use on your own profile. These are a great alternative for people who are not familiar with the graphic design tools offered by the site. If you are confused about HTML programming, the site is looking out for you. The Beginners section will tell you what you need to do to make your profile stand out from the rest. Getting to know the tools on the site is quick, and should let you make the most out of your MySpace profile.

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More – Sweet Sweet Glitter

  • May 12, 2008

Glittergeek.comThe Internet can sometimes be a very cold and frigid place. At times, when you are surfing and navigating through the biggest databases that are out there, you might feel that all you see are little bits of binary code just flapping in the cyberspace breeze. is a site where people can come to get their fix of online glitter. This site contains all different types of glitter comments, generators, and layouts. If you are looking for a way to help bring some glitz and glamour to your web site, then this site will oblige. You can find all kinds of glitter for every type of emotion that you can imagine. There are animals, causes, and birthday glitter designs for the glitter lover. And, you can also get cool page layouts that will have all the glitter in the universe sparkling on your page. is a site that will have your web designs sparkling with their digital glitter.

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More – Even Better MySpace Looks

  • May 11, 2008

CoolSpaceTricks.comWith the inception of other massive social networks, it’s being rumored that MySpace is losing popularity by the minute, but the fact remains that its users keep going crazy about personalizing their profiles, so here comes yet another site that offers HTML codes to create layouts and complex –usually gaudy and shiny— graphics. The site hasn’t been updated since February, which probably explains why the stuff on offer is a bit limited, nonetheless really interesting for its target audience: layouts, glitter and animated text generators alongside with tickers and different graphics.

You will also be able to find tweaks for each area of the profile (comment boxes, cursors, online now icons, etc). After you’ve taken a look around and chosen what you want to get in order to have your profile looking great, just make a couple of clicks, select color and size where available, and the site will provide you with the html code for you to paste directly into your profile, and all of that for free.

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More – Customize Your Profile

  • May 6, 2008

Pimpmyspace.orgDo you want your MySpace profile to stick out from the masses? If that is what you’re looking for, you should visit

This site offers users of MySpace all the tools necessary to make a unique profile. You can get pre made graphics and layouts. New graphics and layouts are added regularly, so finding one that makes your profile unique should not be a problem. If you would rather design your own, you may do so. Just design them on your computer and upload them to the site. The website will reformat them so you can use them on your MySpace profile. You can sign up to the site to get access to more artwork and graphic design tools to make your MySpace profile more “pimp”. With all the possibilities available on the site to customize your profile, there is no way that someone will have the same profile as you.

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More – MySpace Layouts

  • May 4, 2008 provides you with all the tools needed in order to personalize your space.

You will find different categories, each of them aiming different aspects of your space. For instance, you will find generators, graphics, codes, tutorials, and image uploader. However, it is much more complete! Within graphics, you will find: animations, backgrounds, contact tables, cartoons, network, glitter graphics and words, and icons. If you decide to choose generators, you will find generators for: friend space, glitter words, extended network, contact table, custom comment box, overlapping text, and falling objects. Additionally, there are the following MySpace codes available: center your profile, hide “about me”, extended network, comments and friends, scrolling friends and comments, and remove “add comment”. What’s more, you will find interesting and funny related and hot links too. It’s easy to use and you’ll have the best space ever!

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More – Graphics and Layouts Available

  • April 24, 2008

Myspaceclipart.comSometimes we would like to have a funny graphic on our computer put can’t manage to find one. Sometimes a sexy one, but the point is, no matter what kind of graphic we would like to have in our computer, this site provides us with it.

But what if sometimes apart from wanting a graphic, we also want a layout? Well then this is the site you definitely need to know about. offers all sorts of graphics and layouts for us. Whether its funny, flirty, glittery, poetic or sexy this site has graphics containing quotes in many languages, photos, videos, pictures, animations and much more. This site provides as well with graphics for every day of the week. Apart from this, you can find many different layouts such as funny, sexy, from playboy, polka dot and stripped among many others. Links to other related WebPages are also provided to give you more variety.

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More – Myspace Profile Editor

  • April 21, 2008

Realeditor.comAre you a user of My Space? If you want to style your My Space profile page, you might find an interesting site to visit. Real Editor offers a variety of profile layouts you can download and use on your My Space profile page.

With you can edit new layouts. You can use the profile layout editor to create new layouts. Additionally, on this site you will find video tutorials, and other My Space profile editor tools. You can try the layout generator and banner generator tools offered, along with other profile layout editor tools. is the site you should stop by in case you want to use a profile layout editor for My Space. You can try this site out, and find a My Space profile editor tool you can use to edit new layouts. In addition, you can watch video tutorials to use the My Space profile editor tool.

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More – Email Layouts, Designs

  • March 28, 2008

HTMLEmailers.comWant to make your email campaigns look more professional? HTMLEmailers can help. It’s as new website that offers a number of different mailer designs.

All the templates are free to download. You can also get the straight HTML if you want. The designer offers custom layouts and designs as well, but for a fee. The layouts range from simple with a single column with a variety of different colors and banners, to double or multiple columns or you can even choose more of a newsletter look. The site targets small businesses, entrepreneurs and you everyday joe who likes to send emails. The site is currently in beta and updates are made frequently. All layouts work with the major email providers including Gmail, AOL, Outlook and Yahoo.

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More – For MySpace Maniacs

  • March 14, 2008

YourSpaceLayouts.comIf you are a social networker maniac and like hanging out online instead of visiting your friends and buddies personally, don’t miss this chance to pimp your MySpace profile with nice stuff. The advantage of using this sort of customizers is that you can get the best of your site with just a few things, a nice layout, a cool background, some awesome glitters, popular movies that can be embed within your profile and funny themed cursors.

There is some new MySpace stuff that you won’t get in another MySpace related place, such as a puzzle creator, sexy WWE Diva layout if you want to look like a hot diva for those who have been sneaking around your profile. And for the macho men, WWE wrestling layouts to look more like a hunk. Whatever you choose is going to help you have a cooler profile instead of that pathetic and sad blog.

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More – Cool Miscellanea for MySpace

  • March 11, 2008

SpaceMisc.comNo need to stay that MySpace has become the coolest way to hang out with your friends and pals. But in order to make it real cool you can not just keep that boring look profile, you need breathtaking stuff to customize it and make it look almost like a hot spot.

Otherwise nobody will be interested in post messages and comments for you. If you are an accustomed user of MySpace you already know that the web contains thousands of sites that can guide you through the process, but not all of them have really cool stuff, on the contrary just a few of them and is the probably the number one in stuff supplies for your profile. Take a look at the main menu to find out the endless range of things you can get within a single site. Ugly men and ugly women graphics, funny backgrounds, generators, falling objects, navigation bars, scrollbar colors, overlapping text, mp3 player, glitter graphics, tweaks, comment images and the very best one, a profile views counter, so you can measure the temperature of your hot spot by getting to know how many people are visiting it.

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More – What Girls wanted for MySpace

  • March 10, 2008

MyGirlySpace.comAnother website for MySpace users but, among all the ones you have checked, this one might be special for the ladies. Basically it offers unique MySpace layouts and MySpace backgrounds but perhaps with a girlish touch.

That is why you will find some layouts especially dedicated to those devoted users of MySpace looking for a more stylish, girlish, feminine look and feel. It does not mean that only girls should hit this website. I am sure you guys will find lots of stuff for you in there, but as far as I’m concerned this site will be the life and soul of the party for those young girls trying to customize their blog with something cooler and groovier.

Fashion MySpace layouts, Cute MySpace layouts, and Retro MySpace layouts is some of the content I was referring to, but for the guys there’s also some Cars layouts, Basketball layouts, Sexy Girls layouts, etc., so men should have some fun while browsing at Moreover, you can display love quotes, sweet quotes, anime quotes, friendly quotes, cool items for your contact box, icons, avatars and overall, the same things available on the net for MySpace users. Check it out!

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More – Glitter Up your Profile

  • March 9, 2008

GetFreeGlitters.comIf you enjoy social networking and like glitter graphics, don’t miss the site, a new toolbar app which allows you to create glitter signs, layouts and graphics directly from your browser.

You can download the toolbar for free and you don’t even have to register. The advantage of using a service like this one is that you can administer your graphics on the go, in tune with your inspiration and feelings, as opposed to having to go back to some site and browse a preset selection made by someone else. is powered by Smiley Central, so you can get lots of cursors and smileys as well, which in turn ensures that the site is appealing for all ages and interests, since you can choose from a huge selection of graphics, ranging from the most austere or dark designs to the most colorful and cute ones. Also, since Smiley Central is probably one of the largest providers of glitter graphic around, you make sure that you’ll find free and safe stuff that has no MalWare of any kind.

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More – My enhanced Space

  • March 8, 2008

Myspace-Profile-Backgrounds.comFree MySpace layouts, free MySpace backgrounds and free MySpace generators are waiting for you and not exactly at the corner but on the web a few clicks away from you. I cannot think of a better way to enhance your profile, which would be like your personal spot online with cool MySpace real delicatessen.

Since you and all your friends have one MySpace profile you must be dying to give it a look so your friend will envy you and will do the utmost impossible to get a stylish profile as well. Tell me it is not that easy but we know how easy it can be. Just displaying can make it happen and if you don’t believe me, try on your own right now. You will notice a simple design unlike most sites dedicated to personal blogs such as MySpace. There are no endless indexes or categories just a few options which, however, contain a large amount of layouts, backgrounds, generators and miscellanea for you to be able to hit up your spot online. A profile music and video player and glitter graphics are also available. Well then, there is no excuse now to continue using that lousy profile unless you want. If not, don’t give up because this website is what you are looking for.

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More – Tweak Your MySpace

  • February 26, 2008

LayoutMySpaceCodes.comAre you looking for a place to find MySpace related things such as templates, layouts, animas, cartoons, carts among other things? Then is the site just for you! The main menu is displayed on the left side of the page, and it’s organized in the following categories: pre made layouts, game codes, and a full profile generator among other things.

The site also features a trick and tweaks section in which there are codes you can use in your profile to make it look cooler. There is a games section so you can include games on your MySpace and make it more interesting and fun. Another feature of the site is the pre made layouts for you to include in your profile.

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