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$36M. Salamanca. What Language Is This? I’m Talking LingoMatch

$36M. Salamanca. What Language Is This?
I’m Talking LingoMatch

The developers of language learning programs will hate me for writing this, but there’s just no way around the truth – when it comes to learning or practicing a foreign language, there’s no substitute for face-to-face conversation. LingoMatch understands this, and wants to give everyone a chance…

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In an nutshell, this is a young resource that will let you build your vocabulary by playing games that take into account real-world usage and which adapt to your skill and expertise as you go on. This approach attempts to replace the flash cards most of us grew and dealt with, to the point of developing a sort of serious allergy to them. Don’t get me wrong, they were useful for sure, but there had to be something better, and this is...

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Townsend Press is dedicated to publish affordable learning textbooks and to promote reading. The textbooks are dedicated to help students learn and really grasp the language skills required for success. Townsend Press has designed several activities to promote reading, like publishing a library of $ 1 paperbacks, promoting and sponsoring scholarship contests, distributing motivational posters, and donating books for schools and...

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