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This Week’s Best In Beta: TenantLoop, An Easy Fix For Leaky Tenant-Landlord Relationships

This Week’s Best In Beta: TenantLoop, An Easy Fix For Leaky Tenant-Landlord Relationships

TenantLoop is a property management app that lets renters and landlords interact civilly and conveniently.

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Renting can be a veritable pain in your neck. Difficult property managers and finicky, arbitrary landlords can make your renting experience a nightmare. Often times, renters are faced with sudden rent increases, discrimination, deposit retention, and many other unlawful acts. Startup NeuLandlord, while it can’t literally stop this sorts of things from happening, will help renters be more aware about exactly what they’re getting...

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Are looking for an apartment close to campus for senior year? Get the scoop on student rentals from other University students who have lived at a particular apartment and take a look at has profiles and reviews of apartments close to college campuses that are written by students who have lived there. There is no one better to tell you what an apartment is like than another fellow...

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RentYield is a property management tool for landlords and real estate investors. Basically, this is an app which seeks to help you get the low down on all your properties. RentYield provides transaction tracking, performance evaluations, organizational tools, email notifications to send to renters, tax reports, and much more. There’s one easy to use interface, which negates the need for folders, spreadsheets, and papers. Graphs...

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Are you a recipient of benefit housing from the UK and can’t seem to find a place to rent? If you are uk is a site that could possibly help you a great deal. has an abundance of information on DSS property so that people in search of benefit housing can find opportunities that cater to them. Many rental sites do not take into consideration recipients of benefit housing, therefore if you...

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