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How To Set Fair Prices In Your New Business

How To Set Fair Prices In Your New Business

Pricing strategy is one of the biggest challenges new entrepreneurs face, especially in a service-based business. But there are a few principles that can make it easier to set fair prices (and turn a profit), including: 1. Know your industry, audience and persona 2. Understand what the market will bear. 3. Have confidence in your abilities and..

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“Dichotomies resolved by the majority” is the tagline of this new web-hosted initiative which is available both in English and in Spanish under the name “Dime Por Qué” (Just tell me why). In general terms, this site is an online resource where questions are posted and duly commented upon by site users, creating something akin to a network of connoisseurs and people who wish to volunteer their opinions for the benefit of site users. As...

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Are you interested in finding like-minded Twitter users? If that happens to be the case, a visit to the Just Tweet It website is the order of the day. This system is implemented in a hassle-free manner: you simply add your name to the existing directory, and then you can find or be found by others who share your same tastes. The newest Tweeters are featured on the main page, and a brief description of each Tweeter is provided as well....

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Oxfam America is an organization that believes in a just world without poverty. In this site you can find all the information you need to know about this organization and about what they provide. In the What We Do section you can read about the different campaigns and initiatives, about emergencies, issues they work on, their approach and where they work as well. In the What You Can Do section you can read about how to start acting...

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