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6 Ways Your Startup Can Grab A Journalist’s Attention

Read advice from journalists at TechCrunch, Business Insider, and Fortune on the best ways to gain press exposure.

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4 Steps To A Memorable Press Release

4 Steps To A Memorable Press Release

As all entrepreneurs discover sooner or later, it takes more than sound business acumen to bring an idea, no matter how novel, to life. What no one probably told you is that for a fighting chance, you’re going to need an arsenal of marketing tools. Now before you storm off in search of the perfect PR…

Read More – Anti War Stances May Open Your Eyes to Something New

While the website is it is not a propaganda site meant to protest everything patriotic or military. The latest news about what war is doing to our country, and others, can be found updated on the site while bloggers give opinions and tidbits. While there are anti-war stances within the website this is does not mean every person on the site holds to an anti-government or anti-society stance. The purpose of the website is to...

Read More – Pitch Your Music

If you and your band are having trouble getting mentions in the press, then StoryAmp comes highly recommended. The usefulness of this site is such that it lets you create dispatches which can be distributed using the company’s own press lists, and brought directly into the hands of sympathetic journalists. These dispatches are created for free, and you can include your band’s bio, photos, videos, setlists and pretty much...

Read More – Redefining Local Journalism

A Canadian startup, Open File is attempting to revitalize the concept of local journalism by coming up with a concept of its own: networked journalism. At its core, networked journalism is an activity that implies a full collaboration between citizens and reporters. The way everything is structured, citizens suggest stories by opening a file. When they do that, the managing editor for the city they are located at will review the...

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