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Hit FirmPlay And Take Yourself Behind The Scenes In Your Next Job Search

Hit FirmPlay And Take Yourself Behind The Scenes In Your Next Job Search

Everyone goes through the job search process at some point.

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For both recruiters and job seekers, is a one stop shop for job postings. Recruiters can post jobs for free, search the resume database at no cost and even get alerts about new candidates by email. For job seekers, Acciontrabajo helps them search for job vacancies, post their resume for free and receive email alerts about new job postings by email. The website is available both in English and...

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A job seeker who is searching for online career service providers already knows that a single search is bound to produce so many results that (if he is not careful) he might end working with a unqualified provider, or being directed to a career website that operates without transparency. For example, it is sadly commonplace to hear about career service providers that give very limited access to the person who is actually providing the...

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ReferenceBot is a new tool that acts as a reference escrow service mediating between prospects, employers and references. That is, it automates the process of professional and commercial reference and injects a lot of flexibility into the process. In a certain sense, it is a sort of repository of references which lets companies that are hiring have an instant appreciation of different prospects. Obviously, such a service also benefits...

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Are you looking for a new job? Are you tired of looking through the paper or using websites that charge you for using their services? If you want to find a site that offers you the possibility to answer job postings and leave your resume at no cost, you should take a look at The site offers a great variety of jobs that you can search by category or location. You’ll find job openings in a great number of fields...

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