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Find Jobs That Fit You Perfectly On

Find Jobs That Fit You Perfectly On matches tech talent with employers and vice versa. It accomplishes pairings by showing how two parties are the perfect fit. Quite literally.

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Bountyjobs is an online job recruiting forum that connects employers and headhunters. The goal of this site is to match the best potential employees to businesses with available positions via headhunters. To initiate this exchange, an employer first posts a “bounty,” or a request for top headhunters to find applicants for the positions to be filled. From there, headhunters respond to the employee’s post, delivering the best matches of...

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The Corporate Playbook offers athletes a competitive advantage in owning their careers and connecting them in a personal way with companies looking for qualities only found in atheletes. The Corporate Playbook is committed to assisting current and alumni student athletes in the preparation and pursuit of a fulfilling, lucrative career that truly matches their skills and talents., provides career coaching,...

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