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Successful Young Entrepreneur Ben Lang Talks Startup Vision And Almost Getting Sued By The New York Times

At 14, Ben Lang followed his entrepreneurial instinct to launch a business that sold other people’s items on ebay for 15% commission. Items people typically thought were junk were being sold quite easily through Ben’s business. Ben is a serial entrepreneur and today, at age 18, he’s already been…

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The Fresh Diet Delivery Startup Success Of Zalmi Duchman – From AdWords to $16 Million

I’m always partial to entrepreneur success stories coming out of Florida–my home state. And, if the business is involved with improving quality of life, then double bonus. This is one such story of Zalmi Duchman and his successful food delivery service that’s changing the way Miami (and beyond) eats.     Let’s start from the beginning…     From Selling Candy to Gourmet Meals Zalmi was born in Brooklyn and...

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