More – Wings of Protection Over Your Home

  • August 26, 2012

Many religious faiths around the world maintain a belief in angels – spirits who watch over us and assist us in times of need. is a site that helps support this belief, providing high quality religious items, mainly with an angel theme. It is not connected in any way with Victoria’s Secret – these angels have a much less earthly purpose.

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More – A Great Inventory Of Art

  • August 16, 2012

The website is a resource devoted the contemporary art of many artists, photographers and more. The site is a large database for the works of many different genres. Visitors on can peruse the site and locate beautiful pieces that resonate with them. There are directories on that will help make sifting through the content much easier on the user. Not only is the website user-friendly, but it is also contains a massive inventory of options to look at. There are jewelers, photos, paintings and much more.

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More – Stylish Hawaiian Clothing from Aloha Rag

  • July 11, 2012 is the home of a clothing boutique, Aloha Rag. Aloha Rag Honolulu opened its doors in 1991 as a small boutique in Oahu, an island in the middle of the Pacific, within the Hawaiian islands. AlohaRag has since moved to Kapiolani Boulevard for a larger location. It has focused on hard to obtain luxury brands, as well as new, and upcoming designers with a unique vision. opened its New York City location in 2008 marking the company’s first move to the continental United States. This new location has opened its doors to even more opportunities, such as the option for a hand picked selection of designer brands from Japan, the UK and other international markets. Hi Press is AlohaRag’s Japanese press office. It was established to make presence known in Japan for the company. There are currently 63 designers who make clothing and other products for These amazing people and brands have their names and short biographies listed on a page that is accessed at the bottom of the home page. There are also 26 current models that show off the great pieces these designers have made, and each model has their picture and stats listed for the public to see and for them to review.

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More – Direct Sales of Jewelry and Beads

  • July 9, 2012 is the home page of the best direct importer and wholesaler for all your needs in beads, sterling silver, jewelry, and semi-precious stone beads. They also have the largest serpentine carvings available for supply. AllSeason is the one stop shop for all beading and jewelry making needs, as well as design materials and findings. Quality is the key and AllSeason has it! They are able to offer the best at a great price because they employ a direct-sales model that eliminates the middleman. At, you are buying directly from the supplier and manufacture and taking advantage of the low costs. You will save at least 30 percent guaranteed over competing prices. There are no gimmicks with AllSeason whatsoever. Online shopping made easy at it’s finest with straight forward pricing. Friendly customer service is always available for any questions you may have and information.

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More – Historic Jewelry

  • July 9, 2012

The website is a resource devoted to selling beautiful jewelry from a wide variety of Native American Indian tribes. On, the user can browse through a vast assortment of bracelets, necklaces, rings and other forms of jewelry, all crafted with care from Native American cultures. The site allows visitors to search and purchase directly on the website. The crafts are of first-rate quality, many stunning in their beauty and color. Old-pawn jewelry and turquoise jewelry are very popular on the site, and for good reason, they look fantastic. From belt buckles to bolo ties, all the products are authentic and of great quality.

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More – Luxury Service Guide

  • December 29, 2011

You like the good places, not too crowded and the best services posible. You like luxury, in the end. And most important, you can afford it. is a Luxury Guide where you can see everything related to luxury services by country and by city.

Let’s say that you are planning a trip to a city you have never visited. is where you should go to discover what are the best recommended services for that city. The webpage has two different option menus to find information. First of all, of course, you must choose a country and a city from a drop down box. Once you make that choice, the menu on the left shows different categories of services for that city. Some of them are Arts & Culture, Automobile, Beauty and Grooming, Jewelry, or Restaurants. If for example, you click on Restaurants, you will get pictures and information about the most luxurious places to eat in that place.

Some countries display only one city, and the amount of categories for some cities are lower than for others. This is not a surprise, of course. The number of services which can be found in New York will be higher than in some south American city such like Santiago (Chile). But anyway, you will get a good idea of the options for the city you choose, and it can be expected that as time goes by the lists will increase.

On the horizontal menu on the top of the page you can access more general information also concerning luxury services. Luxe Blogs, Luxe Videos, Luxe Social and Luxe News are the different sections included. The first one of them includes articles by talented writers. The videos section has some clips about famous brands or important events, whereas “Lux News” offers the latest happenings on related topics.

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More – Buy And Rent Indian Clothes

  • October 27, 2011

Luxemi.comLuxemi is your one-stop resource for buying and renting Indian apparel and accessories online. On this site, you can have access to both kinds of collections, as half of Luxemi is devoted to clothes that can be bought, and the other half is made up of these items that you can rent for as long as you need. Buying anything on Luxemi is done as you’d do on any other retail site around, as you simply add what you want to your cart, and place your order. Sarees, Salwars, pins, Bindis… it can all be bought here, with pricing for some of the most traditional garments starting at $78, and pricing for jewelry starting at $28

And when it comes to renting anything, you can choose a reservation date, and specify for how long you’ll rent that particular garment. Currently, that can be anything from four to ten days. In all cases, free return shipping is provided.

Luxemi is clearly patterned after Rent The Runway, and Luxemi has also got some points of contact with, a site where Indian apparel can be easily bought.

One can but wonder whether this site is just too niche to survive, but the fact remains that more than 4000 people signed up for an account on its first month of existence alone. And the company claims that no less than 40 % of orders are placed by non-Indian customers.

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More – Buy Wholesale Jewelry & Handbags

  • January 31, 2011 is the one site to check out if you are looking for handbags, wallets and costume jewelry at excellent prices. This Los Angeles-based retailer is a wholesale distributor of such items, and its website lets customers choose from a really wide selection of fashion handbags and fashion costume jewelry.

The site is divided into lots of different categories, and it is also possible for you to shop by style. These include Valentines, Animal Print, Dooney Inspired and Juicy Inspired to name but four from a list that is much larger. And the newest items are always highlighted on the homepage, for you to stay abreast of the latest trends that little more easily.

For wholesale handbags and fashion jewelry, the minimum order is $100. The accepted payment methods include PayPal and all major credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard.

And it is important to mention that the site also has a section in which general information articles about jewelry are collected, for you to go through and make better-informed shopping decisions.

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More – Information About Luxury Hotels

  • November 1, 2010

adel.comAre you looking for the latest luxury hotels news? If that?s true, on you can read news and reviews about luxury hotels, luxury engagement rings, and luxury wedding rings. With Adel you can get information about tour operators offering the best in hotels, to choose the most luxurious hotel rooms. was created to promote the best hotels, so anyone interested in luxury hotels can browse for information. What is more, on this site you can read about engagement rings and wedding rings among other luxury products. In addition to that, you can find information on the very best in hotels, and find a tour operator to plan your next vacations.

Remember next time you are looking for the best hotels and luxury products. You can read about the most luxury hotels and hotel rooms, as well as information regarding tour operators. Other resources include luxury engagement rings and wedding rings information.

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More – Where You Can Buy Original Accessories

  • October 30, 2010

Boticca.comLaunched this week, Bottica can be defined as a marketplace in which women can buy original accessories and jewelry. The key to its appeal (and eventual success) lies in its curation and extensive community features.

On Bottica, you can do much more than just read the profiles of designers and see what they have to offer by browsing through the available categories. Here, you can actually interact with the designers and ask them as many questions as you might want.

And when visualizing any profile you will actually be able to see the works by that designer which have received the most positive comments. In this way, finding who to buy anything from becomes even easier. You will get to see who pays more attention to what customers have to say, and the steps he (or she) takes to satisfy their requests.

Over 130 designers are already featured. They come from every corner of the world. And if you think you have what it takes to sell your unique designs through this site, then you can apply using the submission form that is provided.

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More – For The Fashionista In You

  • May 15, 2010

BoutiqueBoss.comA site that will highly appeal to fashionistas the world over, Boutique Boss will let them know more about the kind of clothes, shoes and jewelry that are setting trends everywhere.

The contents of the site are grouped in the corresponding categories (“Clothing”, “Shoes”, “Jewelry” and “Fashion Boutique”), and the main page also highlights new additions of note within every single one of them.

As it was only to be expected, the actual categories split themselves several times. I mean, there are so many items that could go in each that if there had been no subdivisions everything would have become quite murky. For example, the “Jewelry” category is made up of “Engagement Rings”, “Charms”, “Bracelets”, “Rings”… I think you can guess how the list goes on.

I must say that the site is a bit skeletal as it stands right now. I think a point that should be addressed as soon as possible is giving users a further chance to interact among themselves. Also, giving people some incentives for using the site won’t do no harm – it never does.

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More – Buy Jewelry Online

  • April 29, 2010

25karats.com25karats is an online jeweler that offers a wide range of bridal jewelry. That includes engagement rings, diamond anniversary rings, pendants and wedding bands.

The main menu will let you pick the relevant category, and you can also launch a search in case you have something really specific already in mind.

The site also includes a whole section devoted to educating people when it comes to jewelry and precious metals. Essential information on diamonds and gemstones on the whole is provided there, and you can always learn about the latest trends before you decide to buy anything. That part of the site is also very illuminating in the sense that it provides thorough information regarding jewelry-related jargon.

The company offers free FedEx delivery, and all the products come with a 30-day return policy – you can exchange them or return them for a full refund. A free appraisal by a GIA gemologist is provided for any piece of jewelry that you buy through the site, too.

Finally, it is important to mention that you can sign up for email alerts and be notified about specials right in your inbox.

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More – Buy Engagement Rings & Jewelry

  • April 10, 2010

ArtDecoDiamonds.comOn the ArteDecoDiamonds website you will find a very comprehensive collection of antique engagement rings and art deco jewelry. These are items with unusual settings, and that are richly adorned with diamonds and gemstones.

A mere glance at the provided galleries showcases how unique these rings are, and how suitable for showing your commitment to another person.

And in case you can’t find the exact item you have in mind it is always possible to make a special request. You will be asked to fill a short form in which you will include your contact information as well as a description of the item that you are looking for. And a toll free line is provided in the event you need some further guidance.

It is also important to mention that you can buy not only antique engagement rings through the site – as a matter of fact, new engagement rings are also listed and procurable on the ArtDeco website.

And in case you have some jewelry that you want to sell, that is also possible. A link is provided as part of the main navigation menu to these purposes.

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More – Buy Biker & Celebrity Jewelry

  • December 7, 2009 – Buy Biker & Celebrity is an online store where you can find a collection of silver biker jewelery products for you to buy online at discounted prices. On Biker Ring Shop you can find a variety of jewelery items for you to choose the ones you would like to buy. is visited by those who are looking for smart ideas when it comes to cheap silver jewelery products. On this online store you can find details about the jewelery items they offer, including skull necklaces and Gothic pendants, as well as silver bracelets and biker earrings, in addition to watches and silver rings.

Would you like to buy cheap biker jewelry? Are you looking for affordable silver Gothic necklaces? is an online store specialized in providing a variety of silver jewelery at affordable prices. To sum up, if you are looking for cheap biker earrings and silver bracelets, feel free to stop by this site.

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More – Buy Personalized Jewelry

  • December 3, 2009

JosephAllenDesigns.comJoseph Allen Designs is a purveyor of hand stamped jewelry. It specializes in personalized necklaces which are handmade, and which are individually carved and casted.

The site will let you learn more about these as pictures are displayed along with comprehensive information on the way they are created. Generally speaking, the thickness of the pendants range between 1-3 mm, and Argentium Sterling Silver is employed in each and every casted piece. A sand-blasted finish is also included in every case.

Placing an order is easy. There is a section named promotions and giveaways that could be a good starting point, too. It goes without saying that a personalized gift is the kind of gift that touches others the most. There is a difference between buying something off the cuff and ordering something that will be created exclusively for a person. And when that gift is something that the recipient can wear at all times, then it is all the more touching. As e.e. cummings wrote: “I carry your heart with mine/I carry it in my heart”.

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Handmade Jewelry –

  • October 15, 2009

Handmade JewelryThose who are fond of jewelry and are looking into bringing a touch of its own into it will certainly not go wrong if they visit this weblog. In general terms, the blogger is really keen on jewelry that is handmade and she shares her insight and ideas with those who give HandMadeByRach555 a visit.

The actual jewelry is defined by the blogger as something akin to a mixture of clock parts with anything that is found lying around. Aesthetically speaking, she defines the jewelry that is thus created as “a little steampunk”, and glancing at the pictures she has uploaded to accompany her designs on the blog I agree with that definition.

As you can imagine, all the featured items can be purchased online. A link to an Etsy store is provided, so if you like anything you see in here procuring it is as easy as 1-2-3. Handmade Jewelry

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Metal Artworks & Much More –

  • October 9, 2009

Metal Artworks & Much MoreThis is the blog of Pamela, who is a talented Metalwork artist in Sarasota, Florida, and gives you the chance to take a look at a wide assortment of designs you will enjoy. This designer has survived a severe head injury that has changed the way she thinks about many matters and her designs reflect her passion for creativity.

If you are a dogs’ lover you will find nice special metalwork you can buy for your pet as well as you will have the chance to learn about Pamela’s sterling silver handmade jewelry. Do not hesitate to give this blog a visit now and start enjoying great designs. Metal Artworks & Much More

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Artistic Profitable Creations –

  • October 6, 2009

Artistic Profitable CreationsMany artists and artisans try to live by crating their works and do not succeed. On this blog you are gong to find a good way to learn more about an artist that is pursuing her dream.

In fact, she has been successful in order to live a creative life making jewelry and making enough money to live from it.

In case you want to read interesting articles about this artist’s story and see if you can also accomplish your goal of being an artists this is a good place for you to stop by.

On this blog you will find anything you need to know about beaded micro macrame jewelry that is designed to be durable and beautiful. Learn more about it at Artistic Profitable Creations

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