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4 Tips For Building An Audience For Your Startup Blog

4 Tips For Building An Audience For Your Startup Blog

Remember when blogging was fun and had more to do with keeping your friends updated on your backpacking trip in Europe or that micro-brewing phase you went through? Right, me either, so let’s focus on the reality at hand here – you’ve grown up and so has blogging. Lucky for you, blogging tools have changed…

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If you have a WordPress blog and you are looking for ways to take it into the major leagues, then this startup is all you could ever bargain for. Jetpack is a plugin that basically supercharges any WordPress blog by unleashing a series of very advanced features. For starters, this plugin will revitalize the way your posts are presented and how they can be commented by visitors. Jetpack will enable shortlinks for your...

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We can describe Jetpack as a new experiment that aims to employ open web technologies to enhance the browser, and both extend and personalize the web as a whole. Since it is presented by Mozilla Labs, you are not going to ask which browser is supported, are you? How is this project implemented? Through an API which empowers anybody to come up with Firefox add-ons that take the web technologies we all know and love (or hate) as the...

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